A CRO’s Guide to Aligning Sales and CS for Stronger Revenue Results: 2024 Edition


A data-filled look at what drives pre- and post-sales alignment

To succeed as a revenue organization and become a cohesive pre- and post-sales team, both sales and CS leaders need a vision of what post-sales success could look like—and an action plan to bring it to life. 

The amount of post-sale revenue potential your organization will unlock depends entirely on how closely sales and CS work together toward shared goals. We surveyed forward-thinking B2B sales and CS leaders across industries, and the good news is the majority of sales and CS leaders think they can improve their working relationship to help drive sustainable revenue growth. In this report, we break down what stands in the way of alignment, along with three steps CROs can take to increase and improve Sales and CS collaboration. 

Download the “CRO Guide to Aligning Sales and CS for Stronger Revenue Results: 2024 Edition" to get the latest insights and research that will define how leading businesses drive future revenue growth.

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Download White Paper

Successful Customer Onboarding


Identify Key Performance Indicators for Onboarding


Put the Right Processes in Place


Get Visibility Into Customer Status


Complete Key Milestones Within a Desired Timeframe


Create Just the Right Program to Drive Adoption


Analyze Bottleneck Reports


Create a Usage Report and Adoption List


Measure Onboarding Results


Perform Regular Check-ins with Customers

Successful renewals & Upsells


Motivations for Renewal


Getting Customers to Renew


Expanding the Relationship with Upsell

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