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The Right Components of Customer Success
Connect Customer Data
Unlock customer data silos and organize them in a way that makes the data actionable for your team.
Monitor Health Changes
Know which customers need attention and why by actively monitoring changes in customer health.
Proactive Engagement
Use technology that drives your team to action and builds proactive customer engagements at scale.
Manage Your Customer Lifecycle

Onboard new customers and users for seamless product adoption.


Develop a consistent and effective model to nurture growing customers.


Build predictable renewal programs and engagements to prevent churn.


Grow your relationship with customers and maximize customer lifetime value.

Solving Customer Success From A to Z
Gain Clear and Predictable Business Results
Totango connects the dots on key elements of your customer success operations.
Product Consumption
How are your customers engaging with your product?
User Adoption
Are your engagements driving adoption down to the user level?
Is license utilization impacting your ability to upsell?
Your Activities & Processes
Is your team helping customers get their expected results from your product?
Customer Relationships
Is your account management in sync with customer data?
What Our Customers Are Saying
Totango is the heartbeat of our CSM team… it’s the first thing our CSMs check into every morning.
Jamey Jeff,
Chief Customer Officer
Totango’s integration was not only very straightforward, it worked very quickly with our systems and products.
Chad Sears
VP Customer Success
Without Totango, we wouldn't be able to scale our programs and deliver value to thousands of customers.
Brian Merritt
VP of Customer Success
How Will You Master the Business of Customer Success?
In “Farm Don’t Hunt,” our CEO Guy Nirpaz shares the leading framework for Customer Success, including useful practices for professionals at every level.