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Unlock the path to predictable growth and scale CS with Totango, the industry's only Composable Customer Success platform.

See how Totango helps businesses improve net revenue retention, increase loyalty and engagement, identify opportunities for expansion, and reduce churn.

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Why choose Totango?

We built Totango to be a flexible, scalable platform that gives you the freedom to compose inspiring journeys and easily work across your entire team.

Fast time to value

Get new customer journeys up and running efficiently with outcome-focused, pre-built templates.

Continuous Iteration

Adapt your customer journey and CS programs as needed to deliver engaging customer experiences.

Predictable scale-up

Use time-based triggers, product telemetry and other signals to modify programs and drive growth.

Do more with less to efficiently scale customer success and drive customer retention, renewal, and expansion.


Net revenue retention


Churn reduction


Productivity improvement