Enterprise Grade Customer Success Platform

Totango actively monitors all customer health signals and drives you to proactively engage

Support Enterprise Hierarchies

Manage complex customer relationships across different account levels, multiple products, and channel partners.

Scalable Portfolio Management

Understand the health of your entire customer portfolio and focus on the customers that need the most help.

Best-In-Class Automation & Workflows

Save time and resources with automated programs, customer segmentation, and revenue forecasts.

See Why Your Customer Success Team Will Love Totango

Learn how Totango brings focus and priritization on the programs, workflows, and activities run by your customer success team.


See Why Your Executive Team Will Love Totango

Learn how executives use Totango to gain more revenue predictability and prove the customer success team's impact.


Features & Capabilities

Early Warning Systems

Easily understand and be notified of which customers need attention and why with reliable customer health scores

Account Management

Build a predictable engagement model with automated Activities and Touchpoints throughout the entire customer lifecycle

Success Plays

Define the automated programs and responses to customer health changes to deliver consistent engagements

Revenue Center

Accurately plan, track, report and forecast your churn, renewal, and upsell revenue by portfolio or customer segment

Customer Success Campaigns

Introduce new features, train new users, and share product tips at scale with behavioral-based email communications

Customer Segmentation

Tailor your specific engagements with real-time segmentation based on customer lifecycle stage, product, or health

We Take Data Privacy Seriously

TRUSTe Privacy Certification

Integrate All Customer Data Into Your Processes

Our integrated platform is built from the ground up to create custom solutions for even the most complex enterprises.

We help connect every relevant source of customer data so that you are able to truly understand and manage the customer lifecycle.

Build a Better Business Technology Stack

Your current business technology stack is optimized for lead generation, pipeline management, and reactive customer support.

You need technology that is built to manage your operations post-acquisition. Totango offers full coverage throughout the customer journey.