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The intelligent customer data platform

Connect the dots of all customer information, proactively monitor customer health changes so you can take action at the right time.

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Totango Intelligent Customer Data Platform

Any data, in any format, in one 360 view

Connect all customer data streams to reflect the unique, personal, and value-driven relationships you have with your customers.

Totango DNA-CX – Customer Data Platform


Contract and transactional data from tools such as Salesforce and Netsuite

Totango Spark – Customer Success Software

Product Usage

Visibility into what features are being used and how frequently

Totango Zoe – Customer Success Collaboration

Support Tickets

Helpdesk tickets and support status integrated with tools like Zendesk

Totango Zoe – Customer Success Collaboration


Logged interactions anyone in your company has with the customer

Totango Zoe – Customer Success Collaboration


Demographic and behavioral data for each unique user at each account

Totango Zoe – Customer Success Collaboration

Customer Feedback

Survey responses and satisfaction scores from feedback survey tools

DNA-CX Customer Data Platform

Multiply Customer Success with Totango Products that Run on DNA-CX

The Dynamic No-Schema Active Customer Index technology at the core of Totango products provides customer insights quickly. The powerful tools enable data-driven actions to engage with customers, reduce customer churn and improve customer renewal and expansion.

Totango Spark Onboarding Dashboard
Totango Spark

Manage and optimize the entire customer journey

Totango Spark gives customer success teams the insights and tools they need to manage and optimize the entire customer journey, resulting in a reduced churn rate, multiplied customer lifetime value, and elevated rates of trial conversion, product adoption, and onboarding.

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Remove friction to create a customer-centric culture

Zoe creates a customer-centric culture by empowering the entire company to participate in customer success. By providing frictionless access to the rich customer data and insights of DNA-CX in the tools employees use everyday, Zoe empowers cross-functional teams to swarm to create customer impacts.

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Totango Zoe Customer Success Assistant

Benefits of DNA-CX

Customer at the Center

Achieve a truly customer-focused data model with the flexibility of DNA-CX, which provides accurate customer context in real-time with the customer as the object.

Distinct DNA

The schema-less structure of the DNA-CX technology maps to, and actively monitors, the unique needs of your business. There is no need to change your business to fit our model.

Customer Data in Any State

See insights immediately with DNA-CX’s incremental approach to data, starting with imperfect data, then refining and iterating over time without incurring additional costs.

Connected customer picture

Connect all customer data streams in our Integration Hub, ultimately producing accurate, real-time customer context available in DNA-CX.

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See why thousands of businesses trust Totango to improve customer retention, manage renewals, uncover expansion opportunities, and drive predictable revenue growth.

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