COVID-19 Toolkit

Your customers are as anxious as you are when it comes to COVID-19 and its impact on their lives and businesses.

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Introduction to COVID-19 toolkit:

  • Provides guidance on your business continuity practices
  • Ensures and help you put in place the cadence of engagement so your customers don’t feel left alone just because your team is working remotely
  • Helps promote your digital (remote) services so your customers can still work closely with you
  • Encourages a better internal flow of communication around your customers

How Does it Work?

  • Identifies meaningful business risks or opportunities within the customer base
  • Communicates COVID-19 Readiness to Customers using specially designed campaigns
  • Maintain and leverage customer feedback
  • Drives usage of digital services

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Measure success for the customer and success for the business

  • Identify Meaningful Risks or Opportunities within the Customer Base (COVID-19 Impact Sentiment)
  • New Risks and Escalations
  • Accounts w Expansion Opportunities
  • COVID-19 Impact Sentiment
  • ARR at Risk
  • Communicate COVID-19 Readiness to Customers
  • # of Customers with Touchpoints
  • Drive Usage of Digital Services
  • Active Users
  • # Activities last 30 days
  • Accounts: > 30% Increase in User Activity
  • Usage of New Offerings

Customer segments

Filter and analyze groups of users or accounts to stay ahead of behaviors and deliver success

  • Last touch < 14 days
  • All Accounts
  • Increase in active users, last 30 days
  • Poor COVID-19 Impact Sentiment
  • Accounts with Expansion Opportunities


Automatically triggered or manual workflows containing sets of tasks and actions, prompting Customer Success Managers to focus on the most meaningful activities right on time

  • Personal Outreach for Customers, no designated CSM - Dynamic Assignment
  • Personal Outreach for Customers with Assigned CSM


Automate your communications using campaigns to send automation emails triggered by various goals

  • Digital services you can use from home
  • [CloudRumba] Our company is here for you in these times
  • Digital services available to help you today
  • We have solutions for your changing situation


Help your team with company and industry best practices to shorten the learning and training time and create consistency across your engagements

  • COVID 19 Business Continuity Example.pdf
  • How to Use the COVID-19 Toolkit SuccessBLOC

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