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Published on:

January 4, 2021

Last Updated:

January 4, 2021

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Introduction to the Freemium SuccessBLOC

Did you launch a freemium as a way to introduce your product to new audiences? Have you had a freemium offering, and are looking to increase your conversion of users to paying customers? Or are you considering launching a freemium product as part of your new business model? Whatever the case maybe, we have a ready-made tool for you. And guess what, we built this SuccessBLOC based on our own experience and have been experimenting, refining and optimizing it for nearly a year.

The Freemium SuccessBLOC enables you to:

  • Understand how Freemium users are using your platform and what steps they take in their journey
  • Easily provide reports to leadership on the performance of your freemium offering and its contribution to revenue and ROI
  • Automate tasks and digital touchpoints to digitally drive customer onboarding and adoption
  • Send campaigns to engage with users to drive activation, adoption and conversion to paying customers

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Measure success for the customer and success for the business

Drive Signup Volume
  • Today's Signups
  • Yesterday's Signups
  • Last 7 Day's Signups
  • Signups Last 30 Days
  • New Free Accounts Trend
Drive Free-To-Paid Conversions
  • Conversion Likelihood Distribution
  • Product Qualified Leads
  • Accounts with 90%+ License Utilization
  • Accounts with 100%+ License Utilization
  • Abandoned Cart in the Last 30 Days
  • Buyer Intent Distribution
  • Converted Accounts in the Last 30 Days
  • Converted Accounts in the Last 90 Days
Drive Product Usage and Consumption
  • Active Accounts Trend
  • Active Accounts In The Last 7 Days
  • Accounts with Multiple Active Users
  • Added Data Within First 30 Days
  • Added Users Within First 30 Days
  • Added Integration Within First 30 Days
Drive Retention of Free Accounts
  • Highly Active Accounts
  • Churned Free Accounts
  • Free Accounts Active in the Last 7 Days
Deliver a Great Customer Experience
  • Free Account Health
  • Health of Recently Converted Accounts
  • NPS of Free Users

Customer segments

Filter and analyze groups of users or accounts to stay ahead of behaviors and deliver success

  • Yesterday's Signups
  • Last 7 Day's Signups
  • Today's Signups
  • All Free Accounts
  • Active Free Accounts - Last 7 Days
  • Free Accounts with multiple active users
  • Free Accounts Created in the Last 30 Days
  • Added Data Within 30 Days
  • Added Integration Within 30 Days
  • Added User Within 30 Days
  • Active Accounts - 10 or More Days per Month
  • Product Qualified Leads
  • 90%+ License Utilization in the Last 30 Days
  • 100%+ License Utilization in the Last 30 Days
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Inactive Free Accounts
  • Free Accounts Over 30 Days Old
  • Converted Accounts - Last 30 Days
  • Converted Accounts - Last 90 Days
  • New Users - Yesterday
  • New Users - Last 7 Days
  • Active Free Users


Automatically triggered or manual workflows containing sets of tasks and actions, prompting Customer Success Managers to focus on the most meaningful activities right on time

  • Identify Accounts With High Likelihood of Conversion
  • Identify Accounts With Medium Likelihood of Conversion
  • Identify Accounts With Low Likelihood of Conversion


Automate your communications using campaigns to send automation emails triggered by various goals

  • Welcome New User
  • Invite a Coworker
  • How to Integrate with [Product Name]
  • How to Add Data in 3 Easy Steps


Help your team with company and industry best practices to shorten the learning and training time and create consistency across your engagements

  • The Secret to Driving high Adoption
  • Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement

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