Ensure Customer Renewal

Implement the right measures and processes to make sure your customers renew their subscription with you.

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Introduction to Renewal

The Renewal SuccessBLOC is your one-stop-shop for managing renewals opportunities, analyzing renewal performance, and automating renewal communications.

The rate at which customers renew determines the speed at which your company grows and the size you can ultimately achieve, so it is critical that your team focuses on delivering positive customer experience. That means more than courtesies and colorful onboarding pamphlets, though; it means creating a customer-centered enterprise that delivers business results for its customers and, by turn, drives growth.

The Renewal toolkit allows you to:

  • Meet and exceed your renewal targets
  • Keep your team and your customers informed about the status of their renewal
  • Never go into a renewal without the complete picture of the customer again
  • Focus your team on important renewal-focused initiatives, like achieving a target retention rate and renewing customers on time, with pre-configured goals and KPIs.
  • Use the out-of-the-box Campaigns to automatically notify your customers of their upcoming renewal.
  • Optimize the renewal process by keeping track of renewal opportunity statuses and measuring the time it takes to close them.

What's Included?

goals & kpis


Measure success for the customer and success for the business.

  • Achieve 98% Renewal in Q4
  • # of Customers in Renewal
  • Upcoming Renewals in Poor Health
  • Renewal Status
  • Growth Rate
  • Health of Renewals in Next 120 Days
  • Forecast Contract Value ($)

Customer segments

Filter and analyze groups of users or accounts to stay ahead of behaviors and deliver success

  • Risky High Value Renewals in Next Quarter
  • Renewal: Poor Health
  • Renewal: Good Health
  • Renewal: Average Health
  • Renewals in the Next 120 Days


Automatically triggered or manual workflows containing sets of tasks and actions, prompting Customer Success Managers to focus on the most meaningful activities right on time.

  • Trigger Renewal Process


Automate your communications using campaigns to send automation emails triggered by various goals.

  • 90-Day Renewal Campaign
  • 30-Day Renewal Campaign