Resolve Escalations

Manage and mitigate your escalations.

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Strengthen your community

Welcome new community members and re-engage inactive members to ensure your community has a strong use base.

Build customer loyalty and trust

Listen to and understand feedback, follow up on product ideas, and celebrate community wins with your customers.

Improve customer relationships

Proactively utilize the valuable insights extracted from community engagement data to improve customer relationships.

What's included in this SuccessBLOC?

Each SuccessBLOC is embedded with industry best practices to help you get started quickly and achieve customer outcomes faster.

Goals & KPIs




Goals & KPIs

Measure what matters

Pre-built scorecards include KPIs—including registration trend and number of users posting discussions—to measure registration, engagement, and feedback.

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In-App Segmentation
Totango In-app builder


Understand your audience

Pre-configured audience segments—including customers with registered users and users who have posted a discussion—to better understand user engagement.

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Automate activity

Triggered workflows containing tasks and actions to proactively follow up on user ideas, celebrate account engagement, and assign a community manager.

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In-App Segmentation
Totango In-app builder


Communicate effectively

Automated emails triggered by account and user segments to welcome new users to the community and engage inactive community members.

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Resolve Escalations

Manage and mitigate your escalations.



Published on:

May 30, 2022

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Introduction to the Resolve Escalations SuccessBLOC

The Resolve Escalation SuccessBLOC gives you all of the out-of-the box tools and automation you need to drive, monitor, and resolve your customer escalations. Using this SuccessBLOC, you will have instant visibility into the status, severity, and types of open customer issues. Built into this SuccessBLOC, we have automation to continually push the escalation process forward ensuring a quick resolution.

Manage Resove Escalations SuccessBLOC enables you to:

  • Easily identify customers who need to be prioritized and escalated quickly.
  • Become more proactive and data-driven by creating a system that automatically drives your escalations.
  • Better manage your customer portfolio and ensure you are taking a proactive approach to assessing and responding to customers issues.

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Monitor Escalations

  • Number of Customer Escalations
  • Customer ARR with Critical Escalations
  • Health Overview
  • Multidimensional Health Overview
  • Resolved Escalations (Last 7 Days)
  • Escalation Severity Breakdown
  • Escalation Type Breakdown
  • Escalation Status Breakdown
  • Escalated Accounts by CSM

Take Action on Escalations

  • # of Overdue Escalation Tasks
  • Last Touch Over 7 Days Ago
  • # Escalation Engagements (Last 7 Days)
  • Accounts without an Executive Sponsor
  • Average Days to Resolve Escalation
  • Escalations Trending

Manage Customer Risk

  • Accounts At Risk
  • Risk Reasons
  • Days At Risk
  • % Of At Risk Accounts
  • At Risk Contract Value
  • Next Quarter Renewals At Risk
  • Escalated Contract Value
  • Current Quarter Escalated Renewals

Customer segments

  • Accounts at Risk
  • All Paying Accounts
  • Resolved Escalations
  • Open Escalations
  • Open Escalations (Last touch over 7 days ago)
  • Critical Escalations
  • Next Quarter Renewals At Risk
  • Current Quarter Escalated Renewals
  • Open Escalations without an Executive Sponsor


  • Reminder: Update Escalation Details
  • Action Planning
  • Launch Escalation
  • Action Planning Initial Follow Up
  • Escalation Resolved!
  • Weekly Status Follow Ups