Totango partner program

At Totango, we understand that sometimes 1+1 is greater than 2. We're teaming up with great companies to extend the value of our customer success tools for our joint customers.

Solutions Partners

Totango partners with technology leaders to provide extended value to our joint customers. We work with solution partners to integrate seamlessly with their products, tools or applications, and offer value-added solutions to customers, designed to deliver a great user experience.


Totango is the Customer Success platform for SAP. Together, Totango and SAP enable enterprises to align their operations around their customers and exceed their customer adoption, retention, expansion, and advocacy goals.


Totango Zoe for Salesforce enables users to access information about their portfolio and specific accounts and users. The application will show you the health of your customers, revenue at risk, usage of your product and more.

Nice Satmetrix

With the Totango for Satmetrix solution, you will be able to run VoC programs, collect and analyze customer experience data, and integrate that with your customer success data.


Align your organization around your customers. With Totango Zoe for Slack, every person that interacts with customers can easily get access to important information and data about the customers. Foster a true customer centric culture by enabling team members to ask any question about their customers, and share customer information with other team members.


The Totango Zendesk application adds insights about the user who submitted a support ticket and their company, directly into the ticket work space, so customer support agents can make better decisions while working on the ticket.


With the Totango integration to Perkville, businesses can improve retention and loyalty by leveraging Perkville's points and rewards when creating and executing customer marketing campaigns. Some examples include targeting customers close to a reward to get them to buy more or campaigns to win back lapsed customers with point incentives.


By integrating Skilljar's customer training platform with Totango, businesses can use customer training and engagement data as a key determinant of customer health and product adoption. Measure time to value, incorporate educational touch points and evaluate customer onboarding with a more complete picture of the customer journey.

Implementation & Best-Practice Partners

Totango works with Implementation and Best-Practice partners to ensure customers benefit from the partner experience about the Customer Success domain, as well as the Totango platform. These partners will help you make sure you are running the best in class customer success organization.


As the world’s largest consulting firm, Deloitte has the capabilities and deep industry insight to solve your most complex business challenges.


PwC’s Strategy& is a global team of practical strategists, committed to helping you seize essential advantage by working alongside you to solve your toughest problems, and capture your greatest opportunities.

Satrix Solutions

Satrix is a leading consultancy company helping customers to design and execute VoC and customer experience programs, and analyze, interpret and recommend on what to do with the data collected.


KIA CX Consulting accelerates business growth through Customer Experience innovation. Kia provides the leading methodology to establish a disciplined and sustainable CX framework that drives revenue, retention, and scale.

The RONOS Group

The RONOS Group helps customers obtain, retain and gain more customers through the relentless focus on the people, processes and tools that make up your Customer Success program.


SuccessLabs is a customer success consulting firm that works exclusively with Software-as-a-Service companies to design and propel high-performing customer success practices that improve customer retention, growth, and scale.


The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world's leading research organization dedicated to helping technology companies achieve profitable growth and solve their top business challenges. Services, Sales, Product, and Channel organizations at technology companies large and small look to TSIA for world-class business frameworks, best practices based on real-world results, detailed performance benchmarking, and exceptional peer networking opportunities.

Integration Partners

Totango DNA-CX enables us to easily connect to various technology platforms and share data to and from Totango.

Become a Partner

We are always looking for ways to increase the value we provide to our customers, by joining forces with leading industry partners. Interested in exploring the Totango Partner Program? Contact us at