Introducing Totango In-App

Totango is excited to introduce a natively integrated in-app communication experience builder—advanced by the acquisition of Lou, a digital adoption platform—to help enterprise businesses drive desired customer outcomes.

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Improve customer retention with engaging in-app experiences

Customer success and product management teams unite to collaboratively leverage in-app communications to deliver superior customer experiences.

Scale onboarding

Increase adoption

Communicate with users

Gather feedback

Totango In-app builder

No coding skills? No problem.

The intuitive, no-code builder enables you to build and launch an in-app experience in minutes or hours—no engineers required.

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Personalize user journeys

Use customer data to personalize user experiences. Automatically initiate tours for specific user segments, each tailored to a unique stage of their own customer journey.

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In-App Segmentation


Enhancing cross-functional alignment: leveraging in-app communications for customer success

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Take control of your customer portfolio

Totango Composable Customer Success software enables your business to drive predictable revenue growth through retention, renewal, and expansion by allowing you to compose, manage, and iterate your true product: your customer journey.
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