Customer Love: Totango is Managing 2.1 Million Online Users

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO


Totango announced today the launch of their Customer Success Stories that highlight true customer engagement use-cases and milestones of their current customers.

"We’re helping leaders like Zendesk increase user revenues and retention by helping to create an active and engaged user base. Specifically, we’re helping them to listen to all user interactions, understand segments based on usage and engage the right user at the right time across different channels like in-application messaging, email and phone calls," said Dominique Levin, CMO of Totango, "We call it customer engagement management."

Totango is already managing 2.1 million online users for its customers.

Jeff Wiss, Vice President Demand generation Zendesk
"We’ve been very happy with Totango. We’re continually discovering new uses for the product to improve our marketing as well as our customer engagement."

Roni Feldsher, Director of Customer Success, Clarizen
“Using Totango, we increased customer success and customer retention by monitoring customer health and by taking proactive steps to help users get more value”

David Meltzer, VP Engineering of nCircle
"We more than tripled the number of successful trials of nCircle PureCloud, our cloud based vulnerability scanner in just a matter of weeks with the help of Totango insights."

Vincent Frisina, National Training Manager, Visage Mobile
“We identified which modules increased the likelihood of retaining our users with usage insights from Totango. This knowledge was really helpful in guiding our product team to enhance features most likely to encourage adoption, and helped us engage better with our existing customers.”

Sacha Labourey, CEO, Cloudbees
"For the first time, we have visibility into what our users are doing on our platform, and can interact with them based on usage."

Tal Kamilian, Account Manager, Logitude
"Totango provides me with insight into how my clients use Logitude, which helps me to control how my product is working, and understand what I can do to increase product usage."

Peter Swaniker, CEO, NimbleSchedule
"Totango events act as indicators for whether or not users are getting the optimal value from our service and when they aren’t, I can reach out and address the issue right away"

Frank Jones, CTO and co-Founder, Lettuce
"Using the information provided by Totango...I’m calling [clients] with knowledge of what’s going on, and opening the conversation with what we can do to help."

About Totango
Totango is a customer engagement platform that helps online services create an active and engaged user base. Totango combines big data analytics with powerful segmentation and engagement tools to allow online services to take the right actions with each customer, in realtime. End-users become more successful and happier – driving usage and adoption, increasing conversions, sales and lifetime values and reducing churn.