Zoe™ – a Collaborative Chatbot for Customer Success

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Technology is the answer for everything humanely erratic. The biggest challenge marketing and sales teams face in their workflow are the lack of coordination and unified vision. As Scott Salkin, CEO of Allbound, mentioned in our interview series — “Companies are lacking that “single pane of glass” to let them see how their martech activities are performing across platforms and channels.” Eventually, the gaps in collaboration magnify in the form of poor customer success rate.

Providing quick-fix answers to every critical revenue stream in the business, Totango unveiled a collaborative chatbot named Zoe™. The chatbot, which has a natural language, conversational interface, gets everyone in the organization to participate and impact customer success. Totango’s Zoe™ provides every employee access to all aspects of customer data.

via Totango Zoe
via Totango Zoe

“There’s nothing on the market that can unlock a company’s true potential to drive customer success the way Zoe™ can, ” asserted Totango Co-founder and CEO, Guy Nirpaz, while introducing the product at the fifth Annual Customer Success Summit in San Fransisco, C.A.

Clicktale, an enterprise-class experience management platform, was quick to adopt Zoe™. Confident on the value it brings to table, Shai Rybak, VP Customer Success, Clicktale, remarked, “Our entire team at Clicktale now has immediate access to customer data directly within Slack through Zoe™. Employees from all departments can make better decisions to impact our customers quickly and positively.”

Many customer success professionals at leading companies like Autodesk, Zoom and Taboola use Totango’s platform to actively monitor their customer health. engage well and connect the dots of customer data.

In the last year, more established enterprise companies are turning to customer success to support their digital businesses. The next step is for companies to enable customer success across all functions,” says Nirpaz.

Zoe™ was launched to meet growing potential of SaaS software subscription market expected to grow twice the size of the $60 billion growth in 2014, by 2019.

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