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Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Lucky 7?

Hot on the heels of its most recent acquisitions of Get Satisfaction and Scup, the powers that be at Sprinklr upped the total to seven.

Text analytics software company NewBrand is the latest in a line of integrations and acquisitions since the beginning of 2014. Sprinklr will incorporate NewBrand’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and staff into its newest global office.

Ragy Thomas, founder and CEO of New York City-based Sprinklr, said adding NewBrand’s industry context and predictive analytics would allow Sprinklr "to continue to build a ‘brain’ that allows customer-facing teams to create more relevant and valuable experiences that simply cannot be achieved by existing engagement and analytics point solutions.”

Kristin Muhlner, CEO at NewBrand, added, “Infusing our location-specific text analytics into the unmatched infrastructure that Sprinklr has built will change the customer experience marketplace.”

It Takes ROI Totango

Ready to dance? Totango’s new ROI Metrics, released this week, hopes to get you cheek to cheek with customer success. According to officials, this will enable companies to “easily define and track the business outcomes that matter to their customers.”

ROI Metrics functionality includes:

  • Formula Builder: Write custom formulas to define and calculate business outcome metrics that calculate ROI and increased productivity
  • Real-time validation: Preview the results immediately and see where the metrics are used throughout Totango
  • ROI-driven health scoring: Include custom metrics to build a health score profile that incorporates business outcome results
  • Executive reports: Track business outcome results and create reports for board meetings or for consumption by the entire company
  • Customer QBR reports: Use account level trend reports to show improvements in outcomes to customers

“We built this functionality because most companies rely on complex, time-consuming ROI reporting that is hard to understand and produce in a timely manner,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Chief Product Officer for Palo Alto, Calif.-based Totango.

Totango will host a webinar about ROI Metrics at 1 PM EDT on June 18.

And while you’re waiting, you might want to play a few good toe-tappers and trip the light-fantastic.

Incentive to Communicate

Social collaboration company Incentive released an updated platform that boasts real time communication rooms, among other things. The updates will “support and boost team communication, collaboration and productivity,” company officials claim.

Other new or enhanced features include:

  • Conversation Rooms – New chat feature enables real time group conversations.
  • Task Management – Upgraded system brings together all of a user’s to-dos in a single list.
  • Integrations – Enhanced integrations with Dropbox and SharePoint enable users to share files and documents.
  • Book App – Enables users to create documents that can be divided into chapters and contain bookmarks
  • Photo Album App – Upload photos and create and share albums.

A complete list of features is available on the website.

Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive, headquartered in Los Angeles and Malmo, Sweden, said, "People want tools to communicate like they do in their personal lives, with all of the social features that come with those apps.”

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Taking Intellinote of Collaboration

Reston, Va.-based Intellinote released its next-generation platform, which officials claim will “allow teams to seamlessly coordinate and collaborate around business content while communicating in real-time across any device or platform.”

New features include:

  • Group Messaging
  • Direct Messaging
  • Share Content into Activity Feed
  • Search Historical Messages and Content
  • Synch Messages Across All Devices

Tony Lopresti, co-founder and CEO, boasts this release makes Intellinote “the first and only workforce collaboration platform” that connects communications, tasks and content within enterprise teams. The upgrade will be immediately accessible to organizations currently using Intellinote and can be used on a free-to-try basis for others.

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The Logical CalcFusion

Bertrand Navarre, the CEO of Hong Kong based start-up CalcFusion Ltd., dramatically refers to the company's recently released platform as a “secret weapon for fast solutions development.”

While that’s just a tad overstated, the more modest explanation from officials is that CalcFusion “fills the gaps of enterprise software by using Excel spreadsheets and moving them into the cloud as new integrated features.”

Previously used internally within the company’s own enterprise resource planning system, officials claim that CalcFusion will allow business managers to “apply their knowledge within their enterprise solutions,” while the IT department will continue to “manage the passing of data.”

“Excel is still ubiquitous,” said Julien Marie, CalcFusion Vice President. “And so we are introducing a new way of using Excel that will satisfy both sides of the spectrum.”

Navarre added: “With the launch of our platform, CalcFusion can now communicate with any IT system, third party or internally developed.”


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