SaaS Company Totango Adds SuccessBeat Tool Suite

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, Totango, which focuses on driving customer success management, has just released their newest tool, SuccessBeat. SuccessBeat is the latest addition to Totango, and settles in with an existing group of powerful tools that allow vendors to monitor customers’ retention rates and engagement. At its core, Totango has one main goal for customers: to provide a data-driven approach to understanding and improving customer health and engagement.

SuccessBeat contains a multitude of features for both their clients and the end users, resulting in personalized customer success reports. “Software-as-a-Service companies know that engaged, active customers are customers who stay with you for life,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Chief Product Officer at Totango. SuccessBeat allows for vendors to automatically send these reports, and keep key-contacts and end users alike engaged.

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With SuccessBeat now live on Totango’s platform, vendors can start using these tools immediately. While there is quite a few different features, there are a couple that stick out above the rest. For one, the ability to create and manage both account and end user campaigns. These reflection emails can be sent to vendors with easy to understand reports on adoption and usage, or can be sent directly to the end user with that same information. By sending it to the end user, you’re keeping them engaged and interested. It can be a great way to boost those retention rates.

Another key feature in SuccessBeat is the ability to add benchmarks to your campaign. People like knowing how they stack up to others using the same tools. Bench marking allows them to do just that by comparing their results with peers. This information can show if they are getting everything out of the tools available to them, and can motivate them to engage and use those same tools more. A win-win for everyone.

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All of this information, and more, is presented in an easily digested “data card” sent via email. These emails contain metrics and graphs highlighting relevant attributes and metrics. Users can also add additional metrics, allowing you to customize it to your needs completely. In addition to the “Data Card,” you can schedule Reflection campaigns which supplies users with personalized reports containing metrics and results.

Totango, founded in 2010, wants to keep you and your clients engaged. Their focus on retention rates and engagement rings true throughout their products, and SuccessBeat is no different.

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