SaaS Company, Totango, releases newest addition, SuccessBeat

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

The company that drives customer success management just released their newest tool, SuccessBeat

Totango, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that drives customer success management has announced the release of their newest tool, SuccessBeat. The tool allows vendors to empower their customers with customized results and metrics that are specific to their individual needs. SuccessBeat is a turnkey solution that makes it easy for any vendor to schedule and automatically send selected end-users and key-contacts customized performance data, making reports more meaningful and appealing. SuccessBeat also allows end-users to compare their data against peer-group benchmarks to make reports even more compelling.


SuccessBeat houses several features including the ability to tailor campaigns for both account level as well as end-user level clients, driving end-users in adoption, engagement, and retention while giving key accounts periodic business rundowns in the form of ‘self-reflection reports’. Customers are given the power to choose what data to send, including metrics on adoption, usage patterns, attributes on service delivery/experience, and ROI metrics on results achieved by customers.

SuccessBeat’s benchmark feature gives users the ability to see how they rack up against other customers, making data much more valuable and compelling. All of this data is now easy to digest with the new “data card” format that highlights metrics in a stylish way. SuccessBeat takes it one step further, allowing for periodic reflection campaigns that not only send data automatically, but measure the effectiveness of each campaign using goals set by the customer.

Founded in 2010, Totango has experienced incredible growth since 2012, gaining nearly 100 corporate customers within nine months. Today, the company thrives due to its user-friendly interface and overall simplicity. Totango allows users to make smart decisions and create lucrative strategies for their products by determining what aspects make a healthy and favorable customer. Notable clients include Zendesk, Autodesk, Optimizely, and Jobvite.

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