Totango Adds SuccessBeat Reflection Tool

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - January 20, 2016) - Totango, the leading customer success platform that keeps users retained, engaged, and active, today added SuccessBeat to its ever-growing platform. The new tool lets vendors automatically generate and deliver personalized customer success reports, keeping key contacts and end-users engaged and empowered to drive their own success. Reports can be customized with data that matters most to the respective audience, from end-user adoption and usage patterns to ROI metrics for executives.

"Software-as-a-Service companies know that engaged, active customers are customers who stay with you for life," said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Totango's Chief Product Officer. "With SuccessBeat, we wanted to give Totango users a turnkey solution for packaging and delivering the reams of valuable data to the end-user to make them happier customers. If a customer is actively engaged with your product, they're much more likely to stay loyal."

SuccessBeat lets users create "self-reflection" reports -- business rundowns that are automatically sent to key account contacts every week or month. Each report summarizes the company's level of engagement, key usage and adoption data, and a variety of bespoke ROI metrics. Alternatively, companies can directly target end-users with regular reflection campaigns to drive adoption, engagement, and retention. You can also make your reflection campaigns more impactful by including benchmarks against other customers and users or segments like power-users.

Live now on the Totango platform, SuccessBeat includes the following key features:

  • Personalize with the customer success data that matters most: Decide which customer success metrics you want to share. For example, adoption or usage patterns, or ROI metrics on results achieved by customers, or attributes on service delivery and experience.
  • Run account and user level campaigns: Send reflection emails to your key contacts and executive sponsors to keep them up to speed on their adoption, usage, and accomplishments with your solution. Or target end-users directly with key information about their own usage and adoption.
  • Add benchmarks to make your campaigns more powerful: People are always interested in knowing how they stack up to their peers -- are they getting enough out of your solution, are they getting results comparable to others, how do they compare to power users? Make reflection emails more compelling by easily incorporating benchmarks from across your customer base.
  • Customer reflection data visualized in new "data card" template: A new "data card" layout showcases relevant metrics and attributes into a visually appealing email. In addition to using data cards, you can insert metrics and attributes into the body simply and stylishly.
  • Reflection on a recurring basis: Schedule a recurring campaign, triggered to all users in the defined segment with their own personalized data and results.
  • Measure effectiveness of reflection campaigns: Set specific goals for your reflection campaigns and measure results and effectiveness every time your recurring campaign is executed.

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