Totango Analyzes the State of the Customer Success Profession

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO


Totango, the leading customer engagement management platform, released today their 2013 benchmark report on the State of the Customer Success profession. The detailed report covers the average customer success professional profile, compensation structure, challenges faced, tools used, and an update on where the Customer Success function and professionals stand with businesses today.

The report revealed these top 3 findings:
1. Customer Success is still emerging (and growing).
2. Businesses are missing the Customer Success Playbook.
3. There is a need for the right technologies and tools.

The analysis of Customer Success challenges shows that 37% of the surveyed participants have had the Customer Success function in their organization for more than 3 years, but still 13% complain that there is an unclear definition and understanding of the CSM role.

“For some companies, it’s an uphill battle because they are still looking for internal buy-in by upper management to convince them of the value this function brings,” says Guy Nirpaz, Totango CEO. “This report also showed how diverse Customer Success is - from reporting structure to team size to past experience. Customer Success has infiltrated all functions of a business, demonstrating the growing desire to put the customer at the center of everything.”

The FULL report can be accessed here.

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