Totango Announces Next-Generation Platform Updates at Summit

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Totango, Inc., the industry's only Composable Customer Success (CS) platform that helps companies drive immediate value, announced the following new innovations during its Customer Success Summit: Teams event in Miami:

  • Customer Experience Journey Canvas: Following the launch of Customer Experience Canvas this spring, Totango has elevated the canvas design principles and extended it across the platform to provide an overarching visual representation of the entire customer journey. CS leaders can design, build, run, measure, and optimize entire journeys, all in one system, and then drill in to compose visual workflows for CS programs at each stage, to deliver greater value and outstanding outcomes.

  • Opportunity Lifecycle Management: As a key component of building an open platform, Totango enables cross-functional teams and enterprise technologies to work together in driving growth. Totango's deep customer data insights with bidirectional data flow enable users to quickly identify sales opportunities and automate task creation between Totango and Salesforce. Teams can view opportunities per account by sales stage, then drag and drop them to advance in the sales cycle, seamlessly partnering on renewal, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities between the systems to close deals. More than that, CS professionals can receive attribution for sales wins.

  • Automating High-Value Communication: Leveraging best practices gleaned from supporting tens of thousands of users, Totango continues to invest in optimizations to email flows by enabling visualization and orchestration of multi-message journeys and metrics for each email. Totango launched several updates to help customers save time and free teams from manually compiling QBRs, executive business reviews, and monthly account reviews by enabling automated presentation creation that completes the assets in minutes instead of hours. This standardized method enables companies to focus more time and resources on taking action on the report insights, driving greater value and impact for customers.

  • In-Flow Recommendations to Guide Next Best Actions: In an effort to enable continuous recalibration and optimization of customer journeys, Totango artificial intelligence surfaces data and automated insights, delivering alerts within flow to enable teams to quickly take action. For example, AI embedded in the platform will identify if a CSM is paying too much or too little attention to specific accounts and seamlessly integrate the insights and recommendations within the workflow. Alerts will immediately identify a "support storm," multiple issues or tickets being opened within an account within a short period of time, so that teams can respond.

"The customer journey is as much of a product for companies as what they actually sell," said Guy Nirpaz, founder and CEO of Totango. "Our focus with these innovations is on revolutionizing processes central to optimizing the customer journey, and Totango users will reap the benefits of intelligence, efficiency, and collaboration from Day 1 of using these new features. We are confident these updates will unify companies to strengthen customer relationships and accelerate growth to unprecedented levels."