Totango Announces Research into Customer Marketing Practices

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO


Totango surveyed 75 marketing executives during Marketo’s Marketing Nation Virtual Event on November 14th, 2012 and found that even though 61% of revenues come from existing customers, only 21% of the marketing budget is dedicated to them.

But change is in the air. The same survey found that 52% of companies have a dedicated customer marketing team. An earlier survey and infographic by Totango also found that 57% of SaaS execs are planning to implement more customer centric metrics. The software industry is changing rapidly and most software companies are not prepared: 61% offer a free trial or freemium, but only 30% know what’s going on, and 44% (and growing) have land and expand pricing, but half of their paying software users never use the product they pay for.

In response to these trends, Totango today announced:

1) A new version of its leading customer engagement platform. Included in the announcement are new tagging and triggering features which can be used to more easily define and track a customer’s journey from onboarding to first value to established customer.

2) Customer Journey Mapping workshops for SaaS companies covering how to define a customer journey, understand milestones for each customer, define success and risk indicators and establish strategies to drive adoption. Workshops are personalized and delivered on premise at a customer site. Those interested can sign up for a free webinar on Customer Journey Mapping for SaaS Companies on Tuesday December 11, 2012 (11 am PT).                

“Having a deep understanding of your customers, and personalizing marketing campaigns, support and community activities based on this isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore. Customers expect a proactive approach from their vendors and those companies that will not be able to deliver will underperform on conversions and retention and be left behind”, said Ken Rutsky, President of KJR Associates Inc and a SaaS visionary and consultant who will also be speaking at the upcoming Customer Journey Mapping webinar.

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About Totango
Totango is a full-service Customer Engagement Management solution for online businesses. We help create an active and engaged user base by combining big data analytics with powerful segmentation and engagement tools to allow online services to take the right actions with each customer in real-time. By focusing on customer usage and experience (the number one predictors of adoption, conversion and loyalty), end-users become more successful and happier – driving usage and adoption, increasing conversions, sales and lifetime values and reducing churn.

Empower your customer-facing teams with real-time visibility into user lifecycle activities and progression to identify users at risk of churn and maximize on opportunities.