Totango Hosting 2016 Customer Success Summit in San Francisco

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - March 21, 2016) - Totango, the leading customer success platform that keeps users retained, engaged, and active, is hosting its annual Customer Success Summit on March 21-22 in San Francisco. Comprised of open forums and roundtables, the social, interactive two-day summit is designed for participants to delve into new ideas, learn best practices, spot trends, and share experiences with the customer success community.

The fourth annual summit will feature more than 80 speakers, 65 sessions and 1,000-plus attendees, with the agenda of designing, mastering, and aligning customer success. To help subscription-based businesses sustain recurring revenue and reduce churn, based on different levels of customer success maturity, three separate conference tracks will teach attendees about:

  • Track 1: Getting Started on Customer Success
  • Track 2: Scaling and Growing Customer Success
  • Track 3: Aligning and Optimizing Customer Success

"Customer relationships today begin, not end, at the point of sale. The challenge is that, in this transitional era for sales, many organizations still don't have a solid definition of customer success, let alone how to master it," said Totango CEO & Co-founder Guy Nirpaz. "We are showing subscription companies how to grow long term customer relationships by focusing on each buyer's unique journey and experience."

The summit will feature keynotes from some of the most influential thought leaders in SaaS including Jay Simons, President of Atlassian; Mike Ettling, President of SAP SuccessFactors; and Jason Maynard, EVP of Strategy and Corporate Development at NetSuite. In addition, the event will include networking opportunities, breakout sessions, interactive discussions and hands-on workshops that demonstrate the ins and outs of running a customer success team on a day-to-day basis. Event speakers include customer success leaders at renowned companies such as HubSpot, New Relic, Salesforce, Google, Zendesk, Mixpanel, LinkedIn and many more.

"Today's customer success executive holds an emerging job title and a new seat at the table, presenting hurdles when it comes to communications, operations and more. Our attendees will gain firsthand knowledge of best practices from professionals with deep experience at a high level," added Nirpaz. "It's a great opportunity to learn the dos and don'ts from those who have done it."

The Customer Success Summit is sponsored by Salesforce Desk, Inbenta, WalkMe, Satrix Solutions, NetSuite, Jobvite, GetFeedback, Mindtouch, Aircall, OneMob, TrustRadius, and Base among others.

At the summit, Totango customers will also enjoy the Totango User Conference, where they will learn best practices specific to Totango, along with direct access to the customer success, product, and engineering teams as well as company executives.

The Totango 2016 Customer Success Summit is being held at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square, San Francisco.

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About Totango

Totango is the leader in customer success management. The company helps SaaS and subscription businesses take a data-driven approach to reducing churn, driving customer adoption and advocacy, and maximizing lifetime revenue. Totango monitors customer behavior -- along with data from CRM, billing, and other enterprise systems -- to generate insights on customer health and engagement. The company's platform combines big data analytics with powerful segmentation and predictive tools to help companies pinpoint at-risk customers, spot upsell opportunities, and then manage communications with customers to drive productivity and scale for customer success teams.