Totango is expected to double itself

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Totango (Inc.) is a world leader in developing customer success management systems, enabling companies to design and deliver an advanced and inspiring customer journey, continues to grow at a rapid pace and announces the recruitment of over one hundred new employees. Totango, which recently raised $ 100 million and employs 125 people, estimates it will double in size in the coming year amid high growth in demand for its solutions. Founded in 2011, Totango has developed a unique Customer Success Management Platform that enables organizations to get real-time information about their customers, their satisfaction and enables them to increase their revenue from each customer by better tailoring the value proposition for them. Among the company's many customers are companies such as: Google, SAP, Sentinal1, Walkme, Zeplin, Zoom and many other companies.

The goal is to recruit over 100 employees for a variety of departments and positions such as: development, marketing, finance, support, data and more (the requirements for the various positions are displayed on the company's website.

"Totango is a company that is growing at an amazing rate and has become a world leader in its field. At Totango, we consider human capital our most important component, and we are proud of that. Says Pnina Rubinstein, HR Business partner. "Totango is in one of the best times in its history, and this is a tremendous opportunity for talent to join and be part of this success story. The company is already serving the largest companies in the world, and in the coming year we expect to double the company's workforce and significantly expand our solution gallery."

"Totango places great emphasis on nurturing human capital and personal connection. The company also offers employee growth plans, professional and personal guidance to managers. Totango is characterized by the pursuit of excellence and customer service at the highest level, and allows all its employees, young and old, to express themselves and create a real impact. The growth and development of the company ", Rubinstein notes and adds that the company has a high proportion of women in relation to the industry, and the president of the company is a woman, 60% of the senior management are women. The development team has 40% women and the data teams have a female majority.

The company's job site.