Totango Launches Customer Success Training & Certification Program

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Totango, Inc., the industry's only Composable Customer Success (CS) platform that helps companies drive immediate value, launches Creator Campus. The new online, English-language training and certification program reflects Totango's commitment to teaching and cultivating customer success excellence around the world.

The Creator Campus program is for companies of all sizes and enables customer success professionals to learn new skills and engage with the community. With an iterative and fun approach to training, Creator Campus offers short, self-paced courses including video tutorials  tailored to job roles that are celebrated with verifiable badges that can be added to email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, or other social platforms.

With increased need for agile, digital-centric service and operating models, Totango's freemium service and Creator Campus empowers small businesses to large enterprises to experiment and rapidly scale CS functions to accelerate growth with the industry's only Composable CS platform. At the same time, it offers professionals an opportunity to deepen their CS skills or even shift into the burgeoning field of customer success, and earn validation as they build key areas of expertise.

"Everyone in customer success is a creator, whether you create meaningful engagements with your customers or design journey-based programs for your teams," said Kristin Lisson, Director of Enablement & Customer Training at Totango. "Our vision for Creator Campus is to create an inclusive CS community where anyone can come to find inspiration and unlock new ideas – not just for Totango functionality but for industry best practices."

The Creator Campus catalog of 60+ educational resources is hosted by Skilljar, the recognized leader in software that powers customer training.

"With Skilljar, we not only deliver a great learning experience to our customers, but we also leverage learning metrics within Totango itself," said Totango President and COO Jamie Bertasi. "Through Totango's SuccessBLOC functionality, we've seamlessly integrated our training program into our entire customer journey."

The first Creator Campus certification series will be offered to attendees of Totango's upcoming Customer Success Summit: Teams – an in-person event offering thought leadership, best-in-class training exercises, coaching, and networking that runs from September 14 - 16 in Miami, FL. Click here to register for the event. Click here to join Creator Campus.