Totango Releases New Solutions to Aid Revenue Retention and Expansion on its Composable Customer Success Platform

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Totango, Inc., the industry's only Composable Customer Success platform that helps companies deliver immediate value, today announced three new offerings that enable businesses to drive more predictable revenue and scalable growth: Viewer Seat user licenses, Video Business Reviews, and Opportunity Management.

Opportunity Management comes to market at a time when customer success leaders are increasingly focused on collaborating with sales on expansion opportunities that grow NRR. It empowers CS teams to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on customer data and then create an expansion opportunity from anywhere within Totango. For businesses that have Totango integrated with Salesforce, opportunities can be synchronized in Salesforce so that account managers and the sales organization can work the deal while CS receives credit and maintains visibility on the opportunity as it advances. This new enterprise solution with bidirectional data sync enables ongoing alignment between go-to-market teams and easy attribution for CS on expansion opportunities. Opportunity Management is now available in private beta.

The new Viewer Seat license invites executives and cross-functional business partners to easily access customer health and critical account information. When executives, key stakeholders, and internal partners across sales, marketing, and product have visibility of the customer journey and supporting customer success programs, then the entire business can align around delivering value to help customers achieve their desired outcomes. Video Business Reviews provide CSMs with an automated process and out-of-the-box templates to quickly generate personalized video content to scale engagement to a larger number of customers. Both offerings are available immediately.

Along with these releases, the Totango plug-in for Microsoft Outlook will automatically log Outlook emails as touchpoints in Totango. Using Outlook integration, CSMs can see all customer interactions in one place, enabling CS and Sales teams to have better team collaboration and customer engagement, which are key ingredients for revenue growth.

"Our investments in innovation have been focused on creating the next generation of customer success technologies that leverage modular building blocks and outcome-first design," said Ravit Danino, SVP of Product for Totango. "Composable customer success enables teams to quickly adapt to change, identify expansion sales opportunities, and deliver meaningful value by fostering shared participation across organizations through an integrated customer success platform."

Unlike other CS platforms that are rigid and siloed, the new enhancements to Totango's composable platform are focused on making CS a companywide priority by creating visibility, integrating data with other systems in the enterprise tech stack, and automating cross-functional workflows. This delivers value through each stage of the customer journey and grows recurring revenue.

  • Opportunity Management: Prevents missed revenue expansion opportunities by enabling CS teams to identify and gain credit for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities created in Totango and syncing in Salesforce through a deep, bidirectional integration with the CRM. The solution opens the door for CS teams to accentuate their value with key internal stakeholders by being an untapped sales channel at a time when growth from your customer base is critical.
  • Video Business Reviews: Scales customer communications and minimizes churn by delivering high-quality, personalized content to clients. This automated offering means teams no longer have to wait for a QBR or spend hours manually compiling a presentation. Instead, they can quickly and easily leverage account-specific data to create a personalized VBR. Customer insights are delivered in an engaging video format with real-time metrics that increase customer engagement and retention.
  • Viewer Seat user license: Provides visibility of customer health and KPIs, and is especially valuable for senior management during strategic planning cycles and throughout the year to ensure attainment of annual revenue goals.

Chris Dishman, SVP of Customer Success for Totango added, "My years of experience as a Totango customer give me a unique perspective on what companies really need from their CS programs and technologies to reach the next level of their potential. By uncovering CS-sourced sales opportunities with the Totango and Salesforce integration, companies will increase the probability of attaining revenue targets in a challenging economy by driving growth from their base."