Totango Unveils Product Innovations to Fuel Customer Success

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2019 – Totango, the leader in customer success for the enterprise, today at its Customer Success Summit - Team Edition in New York City, announced the general availability of next-generation product innovations to further its vision of providing the most rapid, intuitive and connected customer success solution. With a distraction-free UI, new customer data segmentation capabilities and an enterprise-grade suite of data integration tools, Totango is continuing to support modern enterprises on their journey to put customers at the center of every interaction and business decision.


“At Totango, we are laser-focused on helping customers drive results at scale to deliver enterprise-wide customer success,” said Guy Nirpaz, CEO and founder, Totango. “Enterprises are beginning to understand that customer success must be an organization-wide initiative, but moving from intention to action can often be hindered by friction—between teams, between processes, and with customers—within the organization. Our latest innovations are intuitive, streamlined and purpose-built to eliminate friction across the entire organization to enable real digital transformation.”


“The principles of customer success are easy to understand. Putting them into practice is much more challenging,” said Nicole France, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research. “Shared information and workflows across teams and departmental silos provide the connective tissue to overcome the challenge. True customer success depends on getting experiences right for everyone involved: identifying and anticipating needs, ensuring they’re met at the right point in time. That requires making it easy for employees to understand what’s happening and clear what action they should take, regardless of where they sit in the organization.”


Totango Spark is a goal-oriented, next-generation, customer success solution that empowers enterprises to achieve digital transformation and drive business outcomes through the operationalization of customer-centric best practices. It enables teams across an enterprise to engage at every stage of the customer journey with the right information, goals and metrics through SuccessBLOCs, a modular framework that disaggregates the customer journey into easily manageable and optimizable increments. 


Totango provides the most rapid, intuitive and connected customer success solution to empower users, accelerate connections and operationalize data. New product innovations include:


●     Faster, More Powerful and Intuitive Data Integration: Customer Data Hub, Totango’s enterprise-grade universal data integration hub, enables businesses to seamlessly connect, validate and monitor data of all types, resulting in 30-60% faster access and processing of customer data. Data integrations are reliable, efficient and secure, providing enterprises with the most versatile and complete toolset for data integration, accelerating time to go-live, while maintaining data integrity. Customer Data Hub’s intuitive UI and self-guided navigation give users more control of their data when they need it to make customer-centric decisions.

●     Distraction-Free UI for Optimal Focus and Productivity: Totango’s updated, modern UI for Spark with one-click engagement helps users stay on task, improve productivity and eliminate distractions so they can focus on what is most important, spending more time with customers. The new, intuitive layout drives user focus and clarity with personalized agendas and folders to make portfolio managers smarter and more effective.

●     Streamlined information gathering and sharing: Rapid Insights enables users to streamline the gathering and sharing of manual and ad-hoc information among teams. Teams can create a custom form and send to any user to easily collect and update information, such as account information, that is locked in a person’s head and not in any systems, bringing it directly into Totango in a matter of seconds. Recipients can respond and complete information right where they are, without having to log into any systems to share information, reducing friction and time to insights and action.

●     Advanced Customer Data Segmentation: With the new Segments feature within Spark, Totango continues to lead the industry with the most advanced segmentation engine available, enabling enterprises to segment customer data faster and more efficiently. Customer data is organized by Dimensions – customizable categories within the Totango platform that allow teams to group data in a logical way – and users can now simultaneously view search filters and the results of queries instantly. This delivers improved data visibility, increased search efficiency and reduced time to true customer insights through a newly designed faceted search tool.

●     Advanced Best Practices Knowledge Sharing and Peer Engagement with Totango Community: Totango Community offers Totango customers an even more robust resource for customer success professionals to digitally connect with peers, share information, learn and network. New feature enhancements include a deeper integration with Totango knowledge base, the ability to view, request and vote on feature enhancements, a moderated community forum and increased virtual learning opportunities through webinars and online events that result in deeper knowledge sharing and collaboration.


For more information on the latest innovation from Totango’s enterprise-grade customer success solution, schedule a product demonstration today at:


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Totango powers the world’s leading customer-centric enterprises. The Totango platform provides access to all customer information, best practices, and relevant metrics so enterprises can proactively and intelligently operate their company around their customers.Leading customer-centric enterprises such as SAP, NTT, Google and Zoom use Totango to drive customer adoption, retention, expansion and advocacy.


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