Zoe Propels Accelerated Growth of Totango

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Media Inquiries: Contact Karen Budell, CMO

Zoe Propels Accelerated Growth of Totango After Two Months on Marketplace

Strong Market Adoption of Zoe by Influential Customer Base and Business Expansion Increases Overall Value of Totango

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 02, 2017) - Totango, the customer success industry innovator, shares leading indicators of market acceptance of Zoe™ as the technology to enable company-wide customer-centricity. In addition to strong adoption statistics after only two months on the market, Zoe has increased Totango's average selling price (ASP), setting the stage for a record-breaking Q2.

Totango customers immediately recognized the tremendous potential of Zoe to their organization, illustrated by the 67% of customers with Slack that installed Zoe within the first week of the initial product release. From there, Zoe's value rapidly continues to be recognized in departments outside of Customer Success, with companies seeing an up to 150% increase in users accessing the rich data in Totango DNA-CX™, the data technology that powers Zoe.

"Zoe provides a lot of value in being able to coordinate across the entire organization," says Chris Dishman, Vice President of Customer Success, ON24. "I love the fact that we're looking at not just the customer success team, but how we can engage engineering, support, and loop them into the overarching success of the customer. That's huge, and being a customer centric company is one of our top goals."

In addition to positive marketplace feedback, Zoe has elevated Totango's value proposition, demonstrated in the average selling price of Totango lifting by over 50% with Zoe. Cutting-edge companies are committing to creating a customer-centric culture by investing in the groundbreaking tool. Totango also continues to invest in Zoe in the form of developmental resources. In the latest release of Zoe 1.1, users are able to create Impact Steps, which are customer success missions that can be associated with any asset in Totango, such as account, user, or subgroups of customers called segments. Impact Steps enable employees from all departments to rally behind the customer cause.

"We developed Zoe because we heard the frustration from our customers that there was no tool on the marketplace that could engage their entire organization in the customer success mission," says Guy Nirpaz, CEO and Co-Founder of Totango. "The breakneck growth Zoe has driven at Totango is a surefire indicator that the product we developed is meeting the needs of those customers and new customers alike."

To learn more about Zoe and Totango, visit: www.totango.com/this-is-zoe.

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