Customer Data Hub & Integrations

A complete view of your customer, in real-time

Connect all customer data streams to reflect the unique, personal, and value-driven relationships you have with your customers.

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Connect all customer data streams in our Integration Hub, producing accurate, real-time customer context. Use the Totango Javascript Library to integrate with virtually any data source, capturing real-time information anywhere your customer goes, or use the advanced API settings for even more customization.

Easy integration

Adding the code is easy. Your Javascript code is available when you log in to Totango. Click on the 'Product Integration' box under the Integration Hub and simply copy the code.

Customize user actions

Keep your finger on the pulse of user engagement by customizing user-actions — Heartbeats can tell you when a user does a specific action of importance on your application. Add as many actions as you like, but only do so for those actions that carry significant meaning in terms of engagement.

Get specific

Customize additional information to be collected using attributes and use modules to separate product offering groups.

Connect customer information and surface real-time insights into your entire customer base, all in one place.

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“The benefit of Totango for us is that there was a gap between all the tools we were using. We were using multiple tools […] with Totango we were now able to bring it in to one data link through one platform to help our Success Managers to actually help [...] drive adoption that our functions and features provide.”

Dilip Kumar, COO, Group Service | Dimension Data
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