Dynamic Assignment

Precision engagement at scale

Scale your CS team by dynamically matching them to customers who need help based on fit, skill and availability to deliver precision personalized engagement.

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Dynamic Assignment lets you scale your CS team by matching your CS resources with customers that are seeking help. Match common traits between your team and customers such as region, skill and availability to dynamically deliver the best outcomes for customers.

Increase efficiency

Increase your efficiency by pairing your team members with customers dynamically; Totango matches compatibility on critical business dimensions such as Skill Availability, Region or Language

Improve customer experience

Improve Customer experience with precision engagement of team members best suited to deliver on customer needs

Deliver better outcomes

Deliver better customer outcomes with the flexibility to channel resources dynamically and on demand

Leverage Dynamic Assignment to deliver outcomes

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"Dynamic Assignment will completely transform Bentley's ability to deliver precision engagement, quickly, at scale, with fewer resources..."

DAVID MCKENNEY, SVP, Digital Advancement

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