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My Portfolio

Your hub of customer activity, My Portfolio helps you prioritize the day in 10 minutes flat.

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Gain visibility into performance at each stage of the customer journey by actively monitoring your customers’ health scores, usage, and status in one place. Act on notifications alerting you to accounts that require immediate attention; proactively engaging at scale, resulting in increased productivity and a lower churn rate.

CSMs are able to manage their day in one screen by taking action on alerts generated by intelligent workflows with a single click. Every action is then recorded on the account’s timeline for all to see.

Your Customer Success control center

My Portfolio provides a quick view of your specific accounts, highlighting the core KPIs of your portfolio: Health Score distribution and recent changes, your portfolio value total, and overall Quality Score.

See what's important

See all account activity and easily sort by tasks, touchpoints, successflows, dates and more. The home page of My Portfolio shows you all activities in real time, allowing you to take it all in before getting more specific.

Manage your work and take action

Manage your work through your “Agenda”, seeing only tasks assigned to you. Pin work to your “Attention” page, and save segments in “My Folder”.

Start actively monitoring your customer health.

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“I live and breath in Totango, to be honest with you, from the time I get in in the morning I’m making sure that I’m checking my Tasks that I’m following up with because they do have a high demand. To have a solution like Totango to keep me on Task is really important to make my customers happy in the end.”

Katherine Smith, Customer Success Manager | Zoom
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