Enjoy customer success without the BS

Drive scale-up growth with outcome-first design, modular building blocks, and embedded intelligence.
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Meet the ONLY Composable Customer Success Platform

Quickly create and manage any customer journey with a platform that features a modular foundation, embedded intelligence in best practice templates, and accelerated outcomes. Start right away with onboarding, retention, or whichever journey stage is critical to your business needs.

Start where you are and go

Pick a SuccessBLOC

Select a SuccessBLOC (best practice template) and easily customize your journey.

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Design Your Journey

Design and run journeys all in one collaborative workspace with Customer Experience Canvas.

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Automate & Go

Create task automations and email campaigns with simple drag & drop cards, and push play.

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Measure Results

See measurable results and real-time outcomes with a holistic live view of your customer’s experience.

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Measure customer success results
Optimize Your Journey

Get guided input to optimize each journey so your customer satisfaction continuously grows.

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Optimize your journey

Maximize your time and impact

Forget spreadsheets, workbooks, and outdated files. Enjoy modern organizational tools that foster greater collaboration and enhanced focus to better monitor and manage customers. Aggregate all customer data in one place for a 360° view so you can easily oversee all accounts.

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Oh, we get you

As CS experts, we understand the needs of dedicated CS teams, as well as entire organizations that have embraced customer-centric experiences. Totango helps resolve priorities like helping your customers onboard, monitoring customer health, detecting risk, creating an effective NPS process and more. Enjoy customer success software that can be shaped based on YOUR priorities, so you’ll never be forced to retrofit your needs for projects and tasks.

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Integrate with all the tools you already use

Securely connect all your customer data for a single, unified view of your customer. Simple to administer and maintain.