Standard Onboarding
Statement of Work

[CUSTOMER NAME] Statement of Work

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) is between Totango (“Totango”) and ____________ (“Customer”) and governed by the terms and conditions herein. By executing this SOW, the Customer agrees that the terms herein shall govern all services provided by Totango under this SOW and received by Customer.

The Terms of Service ( mutually agreed by the parties hereto shall apply to this SOW.   In the event of any conflict between the Terms of Service and this SOW, the Terms of Service will prevail.


The parties agree that Totango will provide Services to Customer and manage the delivery of in-scope milestones as described in this section:

a. Objectives and Scope - Customer has agreed to license Totango’s software to help achieve defined business goals. The scope of this SOW, at a high level, includes:

  • Provide Customer with a unified data and view of its customers
  • Define Health Scoring and Profiles
  • Configure the dashboards, plays and campaigns for a single business process (e.g., Onboarding, Adoption) in a SuccessBLOC.

b. Data Sources - Totango agrees to integrate with up to 3 data sources to be determined during your onboarding process:


The scope of this SOW includes Onboarding and deployment of Milestones 1 & 2.

  • Milestone 1 - Customer Intelligence SuccessBLOC
  • Milestone 2 - Onboarding SuccessBLOC

Changes to Milestone 2 from the Onboarding SuccessBLOC to another standard SuccessBLOC in Totango's SuccessBLOC Marketplace can be made via a Change Request to your Totango Onboarding project manager.

Onboarding initiation: To initiate the overall onboarding services, a kickoff will be scheduled, with the following objectives as part of Phase 1:

1. Business goal planning and setting

2. Introduce key stakeholders for the project for "CUSTOMER" and Totango

3. Define key project roles:

  • Totango - Customer Success Engineer, Product, Engineering, Customer Success Manager
  • "CUSTOMER” - Project Manager, Project Sponsors, Business Leads, Business Analytics Lead, IT Lead

4. Define high level Goals and KPIs for identified SuccessBLOCs

5. Document engagement model and document high level workflow per KPI

6. Data: Define and document sources, model, account structure, available fields, integration points, and owners

7. Document Project Plan - activities, responsibilities, and specific timelines:

  • Initiate shared program management infrastructure and methodology
  • Establish project norms
  • Define shared business objectives and goals
  • Alignment on shared data sources

Milestone 1: Deliver Customer Intelligence SuccessBLOC - Estimate Start: Upon completion of Integration

1. Validate Customer Intelligence SuccessBLOC data

  • Validate visibility of correct number of accounts, account assignments, account types and status’
  • Identify any missing key data
  • Configure workflows or data changes to correct missing data

2. Configure account and user profile layout(s) Value metrics, attribute visibility, widget views

3. Define Health Profiles and Health Scores

4. Enablement and Release

  • a. Project team access and training, provide light enablement to allow for feedback on Customer intelligence SuccessBLOC

5.  Finalization of SuccessBLOC data - Training of integration management, troubleshooting

Milestone 2: Deliver Onboarding SuccessBLOC - Estimate/Target Start: Upon completion of Milestone 1

1.  Configuration

  • Configuring Totango to support KPIs, workflows and design from business, adoption and data Integration activities
  • Complete configuration audit

2.  Soft Launch & Feedback

  • Controlled release of limited scope capabilities
  • Feedback captured from limited scope portion of Success Team (user feedback)
  • Customer learning from initial process to leverage for official launch.

3. Enablement

  • One persona-based day in the life training - Remote (Overview, Key Benefits, Persona based training)

4. Global Rollout (Launch and Go Live with completion of Milestone 2)

  • SuccessBLOC Go-live
  • Assist in Communications Plan
  • Assist in the development of Initial 90-day monitoring plan


1. Customer must hold a valid product license for the duration of the project.

2. Customer will provide resources, data, information and system access as requested and within the timeframes agreed to by both parties

3. Customer will provide a primary point of contact for scheduling necessary Customer business and technical resources, that provides final decision making where necessary, and to review and approve Totango deliverables

4. Customer will review all deliverables within a timely manner, and agrees that project Deliverables are considered accepted after five (5) business days of delivery by Totango unless otherwise directed by Customer

5. Completion of Milestones 1 and 2 will be considered completed if at least one of the following criteria are satisfied:

  1. Customer accepts final Project Summary in writing via email,
  2. Customer fails to accept or reject final Project Summary within ten (10) business days,
  3. Customer’s license term expires (without renewal) during delivery period


1. Professional Services in this SOW are provided by Totango on a fixed bid basis in amounts set forth in Invoice #____________, attached for your reference.  

2. Total price for Implementation is ____________.


Any travel expenses (“T&E”) are additional and not included in the Fees outline above. T&E will not be incurred without prior consent of Customer and will be charged on an actual, as-incurred basis. T&E are invoiced monthly and are due and payable net 30 days from date of invoice.


1. At any time during the Project, either party may request a modification to the Services. Any change to this SOW must be in writing and signed by both parties. Such requests will be managed through a Change Request and Control process to be agreed between Customer and Totango as follows: 

  • In the event Customer requests a modification of the Services, Customer will give Totango written notice that will describe in reasonable detail the requested modification. 
  • Totango will acknowledge receipt of a request within two (2) business days. 
  • Subsequently, Totango will investigate the request and therefore provide a written response that will inform Customer as to the estimated effort required to make the proposed modification, including the impact on pricing, functional specifications, and Project Plan schedule for completion of the Services. Such response may be in the form of a Change Request Form (“CRF”) as shown in Appendix A – CRF Template. 
  • Totango will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a written response back to Customer within five (5) business days.

2. In the event Totango requests modifications of the Services, it will give Customer written notice in a CRF that will describe in reasonable detail the requested modification. Customer agrees to use reasonable commercial efforts to provide a written response to Totango within five (5) business days.

3. Unless and until the parties enter into a CRF, Totango shall continue to carry out the Services in accordance with this SOW