COVID-19 Customer Engagement Toolkit

Your customers are as anxious as you are when it comes to COVID-19 and its impact on their lives and businesses. The Customer Engagement Toolkit for COVID-19 SuccessBLOC provides a template so you can apply it quickly to address your company’s needs. This document will help you use the SuccessBLOC for your business.

COVID-19 SuccessBLOC will help you reassure your customers by:

  • Providing guidance on your business continuity practices
  • Ensuring the cadence of engagement so your customers don’t feel left alone just because your team is working remotely
  • Helping promote your digital (remote) services so your customers can still work closely with you
  • Encouraging a better internal flow of communication around your customers

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Goals & KPIs Totango

Goals & KPIs.

Use the Scorecard to track your team’s progress and changes in your customers. The scorecard and KPIs have already been built for you in the SuccessBLOC. 

Identify meaningful business risks or opportunities within the customer base (COVID-19 impact sentiment)

  • KPI: New risks and escalation volume - total number of Risk SuccessFLOW engagements in the last 14 days
  • KPI: New opportunities created - KPI should be configured to track the specific metric you use for new opportunities.
  • KPI: COVID-19 Impact Sentiment. This should be used for your team to gauge how the current global situation is affecting each customer.
  • KPI: ARR at Risk - for those in Poor COVID-19 Impact Sentiment, what is the ARR at risk if business changes lead to churn? 

Goal: Communicate COVID-19 Readiness to Customers

  • KPI: Number of customers with concrete Touchpoints within the last 14 days.

Drive usage of digital services

Now, more than ever, businesses will use digital services to reach their goals. What services do you provide, new or existing, that will help them? These KPIs will help you track adoption. Examples of these are usage KPIs of Digital Services (active usage, number of activities, increase in use…).

  • KPI: Active Users, last 14 days.
  • KPI: Activities in the last 30 days - By default, this is configured to show the number of all activities in the last 30 days for all accounts. We recommend that you also track specific activities, depending on your product usage data, which you would configure in the metric of this KPI.
  • KPI: Accounts with 30% or more increase in User Activities in the last 30 days.
  • KPI: Usage of new offerings (new sign-ups) - should be configured in the KPI to track a specific new offering or signup. 
Totango Segments


Accounts with Expansion Opportunities

All Accounts - all paying customers

Increase in active users, last 30 days - Accounts with at least a 30% increase in active users in the last 30 days

Last touch < 14 days - Accounts with a meaningful engagement with one of your team members in the last 14 days

Poor COVID-19 Impact Sentiment

Totango Best Practices


About this SuccessBLOC and how to use it

COVID-19 Business Continuity snapshot

SuccessPlays Totango Playbooks


Personal Outreach

Identify business changes and provide value from your business

Please add a personal note and send the following presentation to your key contacts

Offer them quick zoom call to learn what’s going on in their business and how you can help

Update the Outcome SuccessPlan (Plan) key objectives and COVID-19 Impact sentiment accordingly

Dynamic Personal Reach

Identify business changes and provide value of your products and services

If the customer is looking to engage - please do the above

Totango Campaign Automation


[Company] is here for you in these times

Goal Assure customers your availability and changes during COVID-19

Targeting All Customers / One Time Communication

Digital services available to help you today

Goal Promote digital services

Targeting People that don’t use the digital services / By channel

Digital services you can use from home

Goal Increase usage of digital services

Targeting People that have used the digital service in the past

We have solutions for your changing situation

Goal Promoting new offers related to the business challenges brought by COVID-19

Targeting Customers identified for new offers based on behavior, segment, need

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