The goal of onboarding is to familiarize new customers to your product or service allowing their knowledge to expand, while keeping the sales momentum and excitement going. Onboarding needs to deliver quickly on the promise of value made by the marketing and sales to the customer during the pre-sales process. If that does not happen, or happen quickly or effectively enough, then churn is likely to increase.

A typical customer onboarding SuccessBLOC will look similar to our example given below. You can configure them for your own use, creating a measurable, effective system tailored to your business needs.

Goals & KPIs.

We measure success for the customer and success for the business

Consistently meet implementation timelines

KPI Days to Onboard (that meet expectation)

KPI Customers that are stuck by stage

KPI Onboarding time trend

Consistently deliver great experience for the new customers

KPI Feedback during and post engagement

KPI Customer Health

Consistently ensure adoption, value delivered, and consumed

KPI Adoption usage for the first 90 days post onboarding

KPI Trending up engagement and adoption


Customers that are in progress and/or recently onboarded

New Customers Pending Onboarding

Currently Onboarding Customer (organized by status)

Recently Graduated

Best Practices.

Help your team with company and industry best practices to reduce learning and training time and create consistency across your engagements.

Overview of onboarding steps for CSM and manager

Things to know before running a kick-off meeting

Running an effective kick-off meeting to keep the momentum going (and not to fall flat)

How to make sure customers are meeting their end of the bargain and moving the project forward


Document and automate consistent and structured engagement models for your team during customer onboarding. Make sure that they focus on what’s important and that they have the tools to do it.

Internal handoff and preparation

Task Complete account assignment

Task Document and conduct sales handoff

Execute the onboarding project

Post onboarding hand-off


Automated communications on behalf of the company or the customer success manager.

Welcome Email

“We’re excited to have you on as customers - let’s get started…”

Goal Keep the momentum going after kick off

Targeting Buyers and implementation team

Progress/Status Email

“We’ve got few more weeks – here’s what we’ve accomplished”

Goal Implementation Visibility

Targeting Buyers and implementation team

Progress/Status Email

“How are we doing so far?”

Goal Get feedback on experience and improve

Targeting Implementation Lead


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