I appreciate how Zoe expands customer success beyond my team by giving visibility into usage metrics and other customer data to other teams and departments who need them. 

Brian Merritt, VP of Revenue, Americas, former VP of Customer Success

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Totango Proactive Customer Success

Zoe is an open approach to customer success.

Coordinate cross-functional team alignment giving your customers the outcomes and experience they expect.

Make customer data and insights easily accessible

Customer data at your fingertips. Leverage data from Totango to surface customer insights quickly and easily, facilitating better customer conversations throughout your organization.

Provide cross-team visibility into customer health

See account profile information including health, contract status, usage, engagement. support and more, with a “single source of truth” to proactively act on any risks.

Engage employees to collaborate to resolve customer issues quickly

Make a real impact on your customers’ experience. See less churn and more growth.

Zoe works in all the tools your company uses

Start creating a truly customer-centric organization. Get Zoe.

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Zoe works with the tools your company already uses


@Zoe for Slack

Use Slack to help guide you to the customer information you are looking for. Ask about a specific account, find customer segments, or ask for a list of customers that are designated as references in Totango. See details on the account including the most recent touchpoints. Add a quick note or touchpoint to create an action item on the spot.

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Web Access

Access customer data from Totango with your web browser. You can easily view account profiles and create customer segments, touchpoints and tasks.

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Embed a Totango widget directly into Salesforce for easy access by your Go-To-Market teams. See user and account insights. Find reference customers, opportunities for expansion and more.

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Zoe in Zendesk


Embed a Totango widget directly into Zendesk for easy access by your Customer Service teams. See user and account insights. Optimize support and reduce risks.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Hi Cecilia,
We love it. Everyone is using it.

Solutions Architect

Can’t get Zoe out of my head…Keep thinking of more practical applications for her as I’m working on process development.

Senior Director of Customer Success
Rave Mobile Safety

Zoe's Got Industry Experts Talking

“Unlike other customer success solutions which drive top-down actions, what I like is that this approach drives from a bottoms-up perspective, customer visibility and a customer success culture throughout the organization.”
VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Forrester Blog: Customer Success Should Be a Team Sport


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