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Executive: I’m going into a meeting with my customer Globex. I quickly ask @zoe tell me about Globex to see details on the account and the most recent conversations by my team. After my meeting, I can add touchpoints to the Globex account via Slack and get my team working immediately on actions from the meeting.

As a marketing manager, I’m organizing a conference and I want to find referenceable customers to participate as speakers or sponsors. I can ask @zoe show me referenceable customers, and I’ll get a list of all customers who have been designated as referenceable.

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Zoe in Slack
Zoe Web

Zoe Web

Product Management: As a product manager, I am preparing for a weekly meeting with a customer in my beta program. By searching Zoe from my web browser, I can easily see the customer’s recent behavior, activity, and usage of the product we’re testing.

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Sales: As an Account manager, I check Zoe in Salesforce to see how my accounts are doing so I can identify expansion opportunities. I can look for reference customers by looking for those who are healthy. Also, I can congratulate my recent wins when they have completed onboarding.

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Zoe in Salesforce
Zoe in Zendesk


Support: As a support person, I look at Zoe in Zendesk to find out if a user is using the right features to get value. I can also see if this account is up for renewal, or at risk, and I can decide what’s the right level of service for them or if I need to connect them with different resources and people in my company.

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Zoe is a Game-Changer for Customer Success

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hi Cecilia,
We love it. Everyone is using it.

Solutions Architect

Can’t get Zoe out of my head…Keep thinking of more practical applications for her as I’m working on process development.

Senior Director of Customer Success
Rave Mobile Safety

Create a Customer-Centric Culture with Zoe 

Zoe embodies the open approach to customer success; it empowers all employees to contribute to customer impacts.

Frictionless Access

Democratized customer data is available when and where employees need it, allowing them to work more efficiently with the customer top of mind.

Culture Alignment

Zoe makes customer impact the company strategy for growth and makes it so everyone can work in unison toward the shared goal of customer success.


Cross-functional teams can easily come together to lend their expertise and time on projects singularly designed to make impact on customers.

Executive Insights

Anyone can see who has volunteered for Impact Steps, from a manager interested in employees’ participation to employees acknowledging great work.

Customer Impact

Customers notice when a company’s products, services, and employees are focused on them, and respond with continued renewals and upsells.

Time to Value

The underlying data structure of Totango DNA-CX™ ensures that data doesn’t need to be perfect for meaningful insights and company-wide culture shift.

Zoe's Got Industry Experts Talking

“Unlike other customer success solutions which drive top-down actions, what I like is that this approach drives from a bottoms-up perspective, customer visibility and a customer success culture throughout the organization.”
VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Forrester Blog: Customer Success Should Be a Team Sport


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