Faster return on investment

With Totango, 63% of customers get a return on their investment within 12 months compared to only 39% with Gainsight. Who can wait a full year to start seeing a return on their investment? Try our Self Service platform to start seeing ROI before you have invested a dollar.

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Totango Customer Data Platform
Totango Customer Data Platform
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Users love Totango

Why? Because Totango takes the guesswork out of automating your programs to reach your goals. Our SuccessBLOCs are ready-made tool kits that help you get started immediately.

  • Data Insights and Scorecards
  • Playbooks  & Automated Workflows
  • Preconfigured Audience Segments
  • Email Campaign Templates

Totango lets your CS team do more with less by giving you turn-key solutions to your business’ challenges.

True 360 view of the customer

Everyone promises it, but we haven’t met anyone else who can actually deliver a single unified view of the customer regardless of data source. Totango gives you a comprehensive view of your customer, turning streams of data into actionable insights that allows you to better meet your customer needs. Extend Totango, via Zoe, to your entire organization to provide frictionless access to key customer data so you can drive more positive customer experiences.  

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Totango Customer Data Platform

Make decisions based on all of your data

Our customer data platform easily integrates various sources of data and from multiple product lines into one singular source of truth to allow for easy viewing and access for your team.

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Totango Customer 360
Totango Customer Data Platform

Integrate with all of the tools you already use

Securely connect all of your customer data for a single, unified view of the customer. Simple to administer and maintain.

With Totango, you can more effectively get a single view of the customer, facilitate dynamic customer segmentation, and analyze your customer data so you can proactively engage customers with personalized communication at every stage of their customer journey. As a result you can create a better experience for your customers while helping grow revenue for your company.

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Totango Customer Data Platform

Take it from our customers

Hear what customers have to say about using Totango. Then try for free!

Shannon McCormick
Customer Success Manager

Totango for Customer Success

While newer to Totango, it has been a solid experience. It seems very fluid and has solid ways to keep properly tasked and up to speed with my accounts. I look forward to the continued use. We are still on the surface of it so I am excited to see more as we learn the product more thoroughly. I strongly appreciate the Task view, it helps me to be more organized in my structure and approach with my partners.

Verified customer review at G2
Erin Rangi
Customer Success Manager
Sumo Logic

Already providing value!

I can settle in for an afternoon where I have no meetings and go through every alert and task and feel confident I am not missing anything in my 100+ account patch. It helps to highlight accounts that may have slipped through the cracks and dramatically reduces the mental load of keeping on top of everything.

Verified customer review at G2
Keara Noyd
Customer Success Manager

Totango gets the job done!

Totango has streamlined our workflows and has consistently proven to be an easy to use system. We know exactly what to look out and how to the read the data which makes us better at our jobs. Additionally, our Manager creates CTAs in response to the triggers we've set up. This makes it super easy for us to know what to do, when to do it by, and to keep busy!

Verified customer review at TrustRadius
Ryan Radel
Customer Success Associate II

Totango Helps Tame my Outreach Timelines

Totango is used by our Customer Success team to ensure we are proactively outreaching to our accounts. There are certain tasks that generate to ensure we are in constant contact. It has been easy to customize to suit the needs of our department and industry.

Verified customer review at TrustRadius

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It's Time to Get Started. Customer Success for Everyone.

Activate your customer success today with the plan that scales with your growth.


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All the core functionality of a Customer Success platform. Perfect for organizations just getting started with customer success.

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Single Unified View of Your Customer

Customer Health Score

Early Warning System

Insights Dashboards & Scorecards

Customer Segmentation

Journey Optimizer

Automated Playbooks and Workflows

Email Campaigns (250 emails/month)

Totango Shield protects data

Security and privacy are built into the foundation of our customer success platform and company

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