Chapter 10

Customer Churn Analysis

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Customer Churn: The Ultimate Guide

Customer churn analysis can provide you and your teams with valuable insight into what drives your current churn rate and potential improvements. 

Customer churn analysis is a way to understand the points in the customer journey where your customers are churning, and this allows you to proactively fix these parts of your customer journey to retain more customers.

Customer churn can occur at any point along the customer journey. The reasons behind a customer’s decision to leave may reach back farther than you might expect, and may involve a sequence of events rather than a single incident. 

This is why it is critical to keep an eye out for possible contributing factors at every stage of the customer journey, not just when escalations arise.

You need to understand what outcome / value your customers are trying to achieve from your products and services. You also need to measure them and track how you are doing against delivering on the outcome. If you don’t, they will churn.

Customer Churn Analysis Checklist

The following customer churn analysis checklist outlines what specific factors will typically be most valuable to track and analyze during each stage of the customer journey.

  • Was the onboarding quick and did it efficiently satisfy the customer’s needs?
  • Did the customer progress through each step of the onboarding process with ease?
  • Is their feedback about the product positive?
  • Do they have any negative feedback, and if so, has it been addressed and documented?
  • Is the customer using their product frequently and consistently?
  • Have support tickets and any complaints been resolved in a timely manner?
  • Has the customer reached key milestones and positive ROI?
  • Do your customers feel supported and valued by your enterprise?
  • Have they expressed interest in adding new features or services ahead of renewal?
  • Do they feel supported by your team, or pressured to spend more money?
  • Is there a system in place for tracking recurring issues and using that data to inform product updates, future iterations, and procedural improvements?
  • Is there a system in place that allows your team to anticipate escalations before they occur and take proactive action to address them?
  • How effectively do your teams use negative feedback to inform updates or improvements to products and/or services?
  • What is your enterprise’s customer retention rate, and is it increasing or decreasing over time?

Customer churn analysis is a critical component of any successful enterprise’s customer success strategy, but it is also a complex and involved process that must be adapted and updated constantly to fit your customers’ changing needs. 

It is crucial to support your team’s efforts with a system that is equal to the task of adapting and scaling over time.

A customer churn analysis solution should:

  • Identify at-risk customers (See Customer Health Score)
  • Use real-time data
  • Include built-in best practices
  • Make it easy to update and create new processes
  • Be able to handle large volumes of data across different systems
  • Allow for collaboration across teams
  • Track your team’s impact

With the right customer success platform in place, you can minimize churn and, ultimately, increase customer-centric growth.