Chapter 6

Why SaaS Customers Churn

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Customer Churn: The Ultimate Guide

Here are the main reasons for customer churn and how you can address these issues:

  • Slow Onboarding: Customers may become frustrated with your product if there is a significant delay between the promise and the delivery. Establish a customer journey roadmap that creates realistic expectations and lets you know if progress has stalled.
  • Internal Customer Changes: Your customer’s business isn’t static; changing teams, management, and scale can impact how they use your product. With constant customer engagement and data monitoring, though, you can use change as an agent for personalizing your messaging and upselling your service.
  • Unclear ROI Value: Some customers have trouble seeing how your service will meet their goals. Help them benchmark their success by using statistics and accurate metrics so their growth becomes more visible.
  • Unanswered Questions: Customers who don’t get clear, actionable answers to their questions are unlikely to renew. Regular engagements with your support staff and repeated questions around similar issues are a warning sign that you need to implement a new level of training or elevate your interactions.

Remember, none of these customer churn risk factors will cause the floor to give way beneath you if you adopt the right SaaS strategies.