Why Teamwork made the switch from ChurnZero to Totango

Totango gives me crucial insight into key customer success metrics, like usability, adoption, and overall health, that I can share with my product team to consider for future upgrades or with my marketing or support teams to help improve communication and engagement.
Brian Merritt, CCO, Teamwork

The Challenge

Several years ago, Teamwork was struggling with very high churn rates and too many customers opting not to renew. They were trying to manage their customer success process manually with spreadsheets and a CRM but ultimately decided to try a CS platform, ChurnZero, in order to better manage and minimize their churn. 

Fast forward to 2022. Teamwork was having trouble scaling the management of their customer base and delivering a consistent customer experience. With a new Chief Customer Officer (CCO) onboard and a growing customer base, Teamwork began evaluating the company’s current CS platform and found many issues with the system, including: 

  • It was too clunky and difficult to navigate, which was contributing to low CSM efficiencies and user adoption
  • There was no way to standardize CSM dashboards for consistent management and unification of the customer profile
  • It did not provide a multidimensional or multi-product health score
  • Key data integration relied heavily on one internal resource that would write and maintain code for APIs

Most importantly, with the explosive growth Teamwork has been experiencing, they needed an easy way to scale one-to-many customer engagements and improve team efficiencies in handling their growing customer base. ​​Teamwork currently has approximately 20K accounts with an average ARR of $2-3K per account. They are on track to scale over the next three years with upwards of 40K-80K accounts or more, averaging $4-6K ARR.

With this kind of growth, they have to be able to manage their customer base using a pool of CS team members, which can only be accomplished using a digital-first approach. Unfortunately, ChurnZero simply could not provide them with this crucial functionality.

The Solution: Totango

Digital-First Approach 

After examining the issues they were experiencing with ChurnZero and evaluating other options, the Teamwork crew decided to switch to Totango to help build out their digital customer journey. By leveraging Totango’s robust variety of tools and templates, including its all-in-one SuccessBLOCs and powerful automation and digital engagement capabilities, Teamwork could easily deliver one-to-many low-touch programs without adding headcount, and thus, scale their business without scaling their team. For instance, they leveraged Totango’s easy-to-use Campaign Designer to personalize engagements with customers based on their user profiles in order to increase adoption and engagement. They also managed workflows using Totango’s dynamic assignment functionality to automatically match and assign a CSM to a customer in need based on fit, skill and availability, providing optimal customer support and enhanced experiences. By leveraging Totango’s powerful technology and taking a digital-first approach to customer success early on, Teamwork has been able to drive scalability and growth. 

Increased Operational Efficiency and Adoption

It was also essential to Teamwork to be able to get new CSMs up and running as quickly as possible in order to capitalize on the enthusiasm of new hires and cut down on the costs of excessive training and setup. With Totango, new CSMs can start working and providing value on day one. They have access to customized playbooks and Totango’s SuccessBLOC Journey Marketplace, which is filled with out-of-the-box best practices, templates, KPIs, and all of the tools needed to orchestrate winning customer experiences for every stage of the customer journey, so new CSMs can feel empowered to start working with customers immediately. 

In addition, Totango’s UI makes it easy for Teamwork to standardize team dashboards and account profile attributes for consistent KPI tracking. With limited developer resources to help support this ever-expanding tech stack, having the ability to use webhooks, native integrations, APIs and other data integration pathways were critical for Teamwork and Totango provided the resources they needed to get the job done. 

Multi-product health scores

Another issue that Teamwork was experiencing with ChurnZero was that they did not offer a way to set a time-based evaluation or the ability to configure multidimensions or multi-product health scores. Totango, however, lets users segment customers into groups based on factors like account type, product, lifecycle stage, etc, and then create separate scorecards for each. Each segment can also be configured to have its own health definition and score, which can be multidimensional, time-based, and evaluated during a specific period. 

For example, a customer who signed up yesterday would have a health score of ZERO in ChurnZero. This is not an accurate reflection of their real health. As new customers, it’s clear and expected they haven’t had time to add users, configure the product, or do anything that would indicate they are in good health. By leveraging Totagno’s lifecycle health scores, customers on day 1 are in good health (after all, they just decided to purchase yesterday).  By having this level of sophistication with health scoring by multiple dimensions, in this example, Teamwork avoids triggering tasks and campaigns that should be sent to a more tenured customer with notices about poor seat utilization.

Better Insight, better engagement

Teamwork ultimately opted to make the switch to Totango because they felt they would gain a much deeper understanding of their customers and better visibility into their overall health than they were receiving with ChurnZero. 

“I need to know whether my customers are adopting, using, and finding value with our product, or if they’re having issues and where those issues are stemming from, so we can proactively step in and get them back on the right path,” said Brian Merritt, Teamwork CCO. “Totango gives me crucial insight into key customer success metrics, like usability, adoption, and overall health, that I can share with my product team to consider for future upgrades or with my marketing or support teams to help improve communication and engagement. This 360 visibility across the organization as well as Totango’s extensive and powerful arsenal of tools and technology will provide us with the customer success support we need to continue our growth and success well into the future.” 

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