2019 State of the Customer Success Industry Webinar

WEbinar recording & report available soon
Totango Customer Success Platform

Building a High Performing Customer Success Team

A customer-centered culture is a vital component in building a highly successful Customer Success Team. Effectively supporting their continued success & passion will ensure they are strong brand ambassadors for your organization and by establishing playbooks with standard processes for your team you can enable them to identify at-risk customers and expansion opportunities. In addition, other areas of focus should be on developing training programs, building cross-functional department relationships, and aligning on team and company goals.  

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Tips and tricks for creating a collaborative culture within the organization
  • Creating alignment throughout the entire company
  • How to build standard processes to guide your team for all stages of the customer journey

Webinar Recording & Report Available Soon

hosted by:

Kevin O'Came
SVP of Customer Success