2019 State of the Customer Success Industry Webinar

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Totango Customer Success Platform

The Startup’s Guide to Customer Success

Startups in today's environment have the challenge of meeting rising customer expectations while trying to determine product-market fit and a path for growth and profitability. By focusing on Customer Success from the start, startups are able to build a loyal and engaged customer base that ultimately become advocates for the brand. 

Join Totango and Jennifer Chiang author of The Startup's Guide to Customer Success and Director of Customer Success at Yup Technologies, for an engaging webinar to learn how customer success can help you as you scale your startup. 

What you will learn:

  • What Customer Success at a startup looks like, and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Why shifts in customer trends and technology make it imperative that startups implement a customer success strategy early.
  • How to plan for scale and the role free technologies can play for early-stage startups.

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hosted by:
Jennifer Chiang

Jennifer Chiang
Author – The Startup's Guide to Customer Success