Customer Success Glossary

Welcome to our list of common Customer Success terms. Keep up with our continually evolving industry and empower yourself with the latest Customer Success terms, definitions, and knowledge.

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Chief Customer Officer

The Chief Customer Officer is typically the highest position in a customer success department and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), though this may vary between companies. The CCO is the voice for the customer and the CS department and is responsible for uniting C-level executives and the rest of the company on customer-centric values.

CCO Responsibilities

Some of the main responsibilities of the CCO include:

  • Working with the executive board to create and implement CS strategies, such as customer loyalty programs or CS training programs for employees.
  • Championing a customer-centered mindset within the company.
  • Unifying customer data to create a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers that is accessible to all team members.
  • Building up high-quality, long-lasting customer relationships to boost engagement, advocacy and expansion.

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