Customer Success Glossary

Welcome to our list of common Customer Success terms. Keep up with our continually evolving industry and empower yourself with the latest Customer Success terms, definitions, and knowledge.

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Customer 360

Customer 360 is the unification of all customer data into a single view; enabling a complete look into the health of all your customers without jumping between platforms.

How Customer 360 Works

Customer 360 creates a holistic view of client health by pulling from a variety of data sources, including support tickets, feedback metrics, financial data, product usage and adoption metrics and more. This data is then aggregated into a scorecard to show the state of your client base, where they are in the customer journey, whether they are using your products, how engaged they are and if they are willing to recommend your business to others. With this information, you can measure success for both your customers and your business by monitoring surface customer insights, customer health and engagement, and team activities.

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