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Understand and improve the health of your customers with multidimensional health.



Published on:

November 29, 2021

Last Updated:

November 29, 2021

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Introduction to the Analyze Customer Health SuccessBLOC

The Monitor Customer Health SuccessBLOC leverages Totango’s Dimensional Health models to help businesses understand the health of their customers and engage accounts when their health changes. It comes out of the box with the foundational content, assets, and health models that you need to score, analyze and engage with accounts based on their health in an intelligent and automated way. 

The Analyze Monitor Customer Health SuccessBLOC enables you to:

  • Capitalize on reference and advocacy opportunities when accounts are in good health.
  • Proactively identify and engage with accounts in poor health to get them back on track.
  • Analyze health by dimension to pinpoint gaps in your engagement strategy and identify where your customers excel.

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Measure success for the customer and success for the business

Monitor Customer Health Trends

  • Overall Customer Health
  • Overall Health Score Trend
  • Usage Health
  • Support Health
  • VOC Health
  • Work Health
  • Billing Health
  • Risk Health

Ensure Customers Are In Good Health

  • Percentage of Accounts in Good Health
  • Accounts in Good Health Trend
  • Improve to Good Health - Last 7 Days
  • Health Declined - Last 7 Days

Get Customers Out Of Poor Health

  • Accounts In Poor Health
  • Percentage Of Accounts In Poor Health
  • Contract Value At Risk By Dimension
  • Paying Accounts In Poor Health Trend

Customer segments

Filter and analyze groups of users or accounts to stay ahead of behaviors and deliver success

  • All Paying Accounts
  • Accounts at Risk
  • Accounts Whose Health Declined in the Last 7 Days
  • Accounts Whose Health Improved to Good in the Last 7 Days
  • All Paying Accounts in Good Health
  • All Paying Accounts in Poor Health


Automatically triggered or manual workflows containing sets of tasks and actions, prompting Customer Success Managers to focus on the most meaningful activities right on time

  • Track Days in Good Health
  • Reset Days in Good Health
  • Track Days in Poor Health
  • Reset Days in Poor Health
  • Persistent Poor Health
  • Reference Request


Automate your communications using campaigns to send automation emails triggered by various goals

  • Ambassador Program Invite
  • Stagnant User Winback


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