Maximize Team Productivity

Get a valuable overview of your customer engagement, allowing you to gain insights into how and when your team interacts with customers.

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Strengthen your community

Welcome new community members and re-engage inactive members to ensure your community has a strong use base.

Build customer loyalty and trust

Listen to and understand feedback, follow up on product ideas, and celebrate community wins with your customers.

Improve customer relationships

Proactively utilize the valuable insights extracted from community engagement data to improve customer relationships.

What's included in this SuccessBLOC?

Each SuccessBLOC is embedded with industry best practices to help you get started quickly and achieve customer outcomes faster.

Goals & KPIs




Goals & KPIs

Measure what matters

Pre-built scorecards include KPIs—including registration trend and number of users posting discussions—to measure registration, engagement, and feedback.

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In-App Segmentation
Totango In-app builder


Understand your audience

Pre-configured audience segments—including customers with registered users and users who have posted a discussion—to better understand user engagement.

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Automate activity

Triggered workflows containing tasks and actions to proactively follow up on user ideas, celebrate account engagement, and assign a community manager.

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In-App Segmentation
Totango In-app builder


Communicate effectively

Automated emails triggered by account and user segments to welcome new users to the community and engage inactive community members.

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Maximize team productivity

Get a valuable overview of your customer engagement, allowing you to gain insights into how and when your team interacts with customers.



Published on:

August 10, 2023

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The content in this SuccessBLOC provides a valuable overview of your customer engagement, allowing you to gain insights into how and when your team interacts with customers. This information is crucial for understanding the level of customer involvement and the effectiveness of your customer engagement strategies.

The 'Maximize Team Productivity' SuccessBLOC enables you to:

  • Gain understanding of customer sentiment
  • Track, measure, and improve customer engagement
  • Utilize tasks to become proactive with customers
  • Enhance productivity through effective task management

This SuccessBLOC offers insights into the current sentiment of your customers. Understanding sentiment helps determine the overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction of customers based on their feedback and interactions with your team.

Additionally, the SuccessBLOC highlights how your team is managing their portfolio using tasks. By tracking the creation, openness, and overdue status of tasks, you can evaluate the efficiency of task management processes. This enables you to optimize your task management and tracking, streamline workflows, and ensure task completion. By addressing these areas, you can enhance the overall productivity and effectiveness of your team, leading to better customer success outcomes.

What's Included?

goals & kpis

Understand Customer Sentiment

  • Total # of Paying Customers
  • Customer Health
  • Customer Sentiment Breakdown

Proactively Engage with Customers

  • % of Customers With 0 Touchpoints
  • At Risk Customers With 0 Touchpoints
  • % of Customers With >1 Touchpoints

Drive Productivity with Task Management

  • % of Customers With >1 Created Task
  • % of Customers With >1 Open Task
  • % of Customers With >1 Overdue Tasks
  • Customers Engaged in Success Plans

Customer segments

  • All Paying Customers
  • Customers with > 1 Touchpoint
  • Customers with 0 Touchpoints
  • Customers with >1 Task Created
  • Customers with >1 Open Task
  • Customers with >1 Overdue Task
  • At Risk Customers with 0 Touchpoints
  • Customers With >1 Objective
  • All Active Totango Users




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