Collaboratively manage your customer portfolio

Proactively manage your book of business to ensure an optimal customer experience and create shared visibility for stakeholders.

Scale portfolio management no matter
how many customers you add

Develop strategic account plans

Work together across teams and with your customer to ensure that your entire organization rallies around driving outcomes.

Manage day-to-day tasks

Access “My Portfolio” to view tasks, touchpoints, and notifications related to your accounts.

Create visibility for stakeholders

View a timeline of account activity from Totango or leverage integrations to see account data in other tools.

Take control of your customer portfolio

Totango Composable Customer Success software enables your business to drive predictable revenue growth through retention, renewal, and expansion by allowing you to compose, manage, and iterate your true product: your customer journey.
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Totango has improved our ability to effectively communicate CS's value prop to the larger organization. Touchpoint data tells our story and gives a view of how effectively we're evolving our conversations and client relationships.

Jeffrey Johnson
Chief Customer Officer, Flash Parking

Opportunity management

Improve cross-functional collaboration and grow your business with easy-to-manage expansion and renewal opportunities. Sync opportunities from Totango to your CRM and ensure CS receives credit for revenue they generate.

Customer email campaigns
Outcome Success Plan

Outcome success plans

Capture mutual objectives with customers, document an action plan to achieve them, and track value realization metrics. Share success plans with your customers and allow them to complete tasks within their own portal.

Customer segmentation

Create lists or groups of accounts, users, and more to drive analysis, process, health, and focus throughout Totango using a highly flexible query engine.

Automate customer touchpoints
Customer Business Reviews

Actionable tasks

Manage work to be done for your book of business. Assign to-dos to yourself or other teammates, track timely completion, and add follow-up actions as needed.

Customer touchpoints

Capture interactions with your customers. Send notifications and set follow up tasks. Keep all stakeholders informed on the progress on the account.

Totango Customer Surveys
Customer Business Reviews

Triggered notifications

See account activity, such as health changes, new touchpoints, milestones, and more in your book of business. Trigger notifications using automated workflows.

Learn how Totango can help you achieve your customer success goals.

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