Report on customer success performance

Gain insights into customer health and team performance, and easily share reports with your stakeholders.

Create cross-functional visibility into metrics that matter for all levels of your organization

Uncover and communicate insights

Build reports to track customer success goals around business outcomes and share them with your stakeholders.

Shared customer view
Monitor customer and team health

Gain insights into your customer portfolio health and monitor team performance, trends and patterns.

Enrich your customer data

Upload and integrate any customer data from the customer data hub and use custom metrics to report on it.

It is very easy to create reports in Totango. Anytime I need to see my customer data a certain way, I am able to create a report that gives me the cut of data I want to see in seconds.

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Customer segmentation

Create dynamic lists of your customers based on any attribute or behavior, such as product usage, health score, contract value, or renewal date. Uncover insights about your segments to help identify risks and opportunities.

Customer email campaigns
In-app experiences

KPI scorecards

Define and track goals using one or more KPIs. Ensure you are on track to achieve your goals and take corrective action when you are not meeting your targets.

Custom reports

Visualize trends over time, monitor fluctuations, and track changes for any of your team's data. Make business-critical decisions based on patterns, such as contract value trend for customers in poor health.

Automate customer touchpoints
Customer Business Reviews

Custom metrics

Create calculated fields based on account attributes. Demonstrate business results to your customers after using your products, such as increase in revenue or improved productivity.

Data integrations

Seamlessly connect all customer data streams to produce real-time customer context and a shared data model across your organization.

Totango Customer Surveys

Learn how Totango can help you achieve your customer success goals.

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