Elevate customer success strategy

From customer churn to upsell opportunities, our customizable reporting gives you the full picture of your customers' success.

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Take control of your customer portfolio

Totango Composable Customer Success software enables your business to drive predictable revenue growth through retention, renewal, and expansion by allowing you to compose, manage, and iterate your true product: your customer journey.
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Identify risks and opportunities

Segment customers for targeted engagement
Create dynamic segments of your customers based on any attribute or behavior, such as product usage, health score, contract value, renewal date, etc.

Uncover insights with dynamic segmentation
Segments help you identify risks and opportunities, and target your engagement campaigns to the right customers at the right time.

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customer segments


Measure and improve customer health

Customer success scorecards

Track customer health with scorecards
Define and measure customer health using scorecards, which are composed of multiple metrics that reflect your customer success goals.

Identify areas of opportunity
Scorecards help you track and improve customer retention, expansion, adoption, satisfaction, and advocacy.

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Uncover and communicate insights

Build custom reports for better decision-making
Create and share custom reports using Totango's intuitive report builder, which lets you choose from various data sources, filters, dimensions, and visualizations.

Leverage reports to communicate insights
Reports help you gain insights into your customer portfolio performance, trends, and patterns, and communicate them effectively to your stakeholders.

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Totango sandbox capabilities


Enrich your customer data

Custom customer data

Enhance customer data
Upload and integrate any custom data into Totango using custom metrics, which are user-defined measures that can be used in segments, scorecards, reports, and journeys.

Find deeper insights
Custom metrics help you enrich your customer data with additional context and information that is relevant to your business.

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Optimize your resources and actions

View and drive results
Access a comprehensive dashboard of your customer success outcomes using the executive console, which includes four modules: customer health, team spotlight, usage monitor, and revenue center.

Empower CS strategy
The executive console helps you align your customer success strategy with your business objectives, and optimize your resources and actions.

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Totango executive console