What does it mean to treat your customer journey like a product? Hear how Apple, Totango, and other companies have cracked the code to create better customer journeys.

Guy Nirpaz, Founder & CEO, Totango

Guy leads Totango, the fastest-growing, most trusted customer success company in the world. Totango started in 2010 when Guy saw an opportunity to use the cloud to process billions of customer signals and make them meaningful for customer-facing teams. Since then, he’s been at the forefront of the customer success industry, preaching the importance of treating the customer journey as a product, a modern business approach that many companies have yet to adopt. He’s the award-winning author Farm Don't Hunt - The Definitive Guide to Customer Success.

Everyone is in customer success these days. Every company’s customer-centered. And if they're not, they're going to be. Because with digital transformation…you know so much more about your customers and you have to deliver a much higher level of experience and value. So now the challenge is more around where to start, what to do first, and how to measure success. - Guy Nirpaz

Timestamp Topics

00:23 Founding Totango

02:40 Defining the customer journey

05:03 Viewing the journey as a product

07:55 Improving the customer journey product

10:46 Defining success in the industry

12:52 Where to begin

17:38 Timelines for different journeys

18:58 Optimizing for the speed of learning

23:20 Delivering value to customers

29:34 Cultivating customer success

31:45 Challenges of scaling successfully

34:06 Biggest changes in customer success to date

34:42 Use cases for Totango

35:26 Quick hits

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