Discover the importance of having proper gratitude for your customers. Hear the challenges of aligning other leaders and companies to prioritize customer success, and learn why you should avoid being too scrappy with tools.

Eran Ashkenazi, Chief Customer Officer, SentinelOne

Eran oversees the best-in-class customer experience at SentinelOne, a pioneer in delivering autonomous security for the endpoint, data center, and cloud environments to help organizations secure their assets with speed and simplicity. 

Eran is an experienced business-oriented technology leader with a mind for business development and customer focus. He’s a world traveler and resident speaker in company events and conferences. His technological experience related to pre-sale/post-sale activities includes consulting, design, implementation, and training. 

Innovation, tenacity, relentlessness, there's a lot of different values that got us to that particular point in time. But you know, I think everything starts with customers. Customers are the essence of existence for a vendor. And I think that vendors should never forget that, you know, as they focus on top end and bottom line, on savings or growth.

Customers are the fuel that drives all of that, right? If you keep them in the center of your attention, then there's better chances of you succeeding, right? It's still a slim chance, by the way. Not many companies can go through this road and end up where we ended up. So we're very, very grateful for that, and we're grateful for our customers. - Eran Ashkenazi

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(03:51) Customers are top of mind at SentinelOne 

(07:24) Endpoint security 

(16:39) CS challenges 

(25:43) Mistakes along the way 

(31:35) Building out the digital journey

(37:38) Quick hits

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