Your customer engagement model can be a critical differentiator. Learn how shifting from an account management model to customer success can enable more empowering and effective experiences.

Shona Fenner, Sr. Customer Success Operations Manager, PetDesk

With more than seven years at PetDesk in a number of roles, Shona has developed a breadth of knowledge across the company, which streamlines client communication to keep veterinary staff happy, patients healthy, and practices profitable. Prior to PetDesk, she garnered wide-ranging expertise in fields such as video production and editing, sales and service, and customer satisfaction.

“Immediately when moving from the, everyone does everything account management model to customer success, whether it's giving someone like one article that's, you know, a thousand words to read or a giant 400 page book, no matter what it was, they could kind of get the idea pretty quickly when they realized that you still had all this ownership over the customer, but it was owning the moment more than owning the customer itself.” - Shona Fenner

Timestamp Topics

(04:36)  - Shona’s journey into Customer Success 

(08:20) - Shona’s review of Farm Don’t Hunt 

(11:18) - Biggest hurdles in Customer Success

(16:36) - Maintaining healthy customers

(22:58) - What’s next for CS Ops?

(27:44) - Competing with big box retailers 

(35:53) - Visibility through Totango 

(41:13) - Advice from Shona

(42:30) - Quick Hits 

(46:03) - Biggest BS in CS

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