Discover the advantages of working from a place of empathy with your customers, and the importance of that perspective when dogfooding.

Morgan Courtney, Director of Customer Success, Taskrabbit

Morgan leads customer success at Taskrabbit, a marketplace platform that makes the neighborhood a little more familiar by conveniently connecting people with Taskers to handle everyday home to-do’s.

Her expertise includes strategy and program planning, customer success, behavioral science, product operations, community engagement, and so much more. Morgan enjoys building strategies for long-term goals and developing paths to get there using operational, product, brand, and community approaches.

“Customer success is really an art and a science. You're working with people, and people are unpredictable. So it's really good to understand people and get close to people so that you can try to figure out, okay, how will messages be received? What is the best way to communicate? What is the most effective way to communicate? How do you frame a message? When and where do you reach people? So all of those things are really critical.” - Morgan Courtney 

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(04:21) The Taskrabbit model 

(05:30) Morgan’s journey 

(14:27) Biggest obstacles 

(23:32) Morgan’s recruiting mindset 

(35:44) Quick hits

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